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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a 2013 novel by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, for which Adichie won the 2013 U.S. National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. Americanah tells the story of a young Nigerian woman, Ifemelu, who immigrates to the United States to attend university. The novel traces Ifemelu’s life in both countries, threaded by her love story with high school classmate Obinze. It was Adichie’s third novel, published on May 14, 2013 by Alfred A. Knopf. In this article you will be able to freely download Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as well as do the following amazing things:

Summary of Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

 From the award-winning author of We Should All Be Feminists and Half of a Yellow Sun—the story of two Nigerians making their way in the U.S. and the UK, raising universal questions of race, belonging, the overseas experience for the African diaspora, and the search for identity and a home. Ifemelu and Obinze are young and in love when they depart military-ruled Nigeria for the West. Beautiful, self-assured Ifemelu heads for America, where despite her academic success, she is forced to grapple with what it means to be black for the first time. Quiet, thoughtful Obinze had hoped to join her, but with post-9/11 America closed to him, he instead plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London. Fifteen years later, they reunite in a newly democratic Nigeria, and reignite their passion—for each other and for their homeland. 

About the author-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie grew up in Nigeria. Her work has been translated into thirty languages and has appeared in various publications, including The New YorkerThe New York TimesGrantaThe O. Henry Prize StoriesFinancial Times, and Zoetrope: All-Story. She is the author of the novels Purple Hibiscus, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award; Half of a Yellow Sun, which was the recipient of the Women’s Prize for Fiction “Winner of Winners” award; Americanah, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award; the story collection The Thing Around Your Neck; and the essays We Should All Be Feminists and Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions, both national bestsellers. A recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, she divides her time between the United States and Nigeria.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Editorial reviews and praise for the book

National Book Critics Circle Award Winner • One of the New York Times Book Review‘s Best Books of the Year

“Dazzling. . . . Funny and defiant, and simultaneously so wise. . . . Brilliant.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“A very funny, very warm and moving intergenerational epic that confirms Adichie’s virtuosity, boundless empathy and searing social acuity.” —Dave Eggers, author of A Hologram for the King

“Masterful. . . . An expansive, epic love story. . . . Pulls no punches with regard to race, class and the high-risk, heart-tearing struggle for belonging in a fractured world.” —O, The Oprah Magazine

“A knockout of a novel about immigration, American dreams, the power of first love, and the shifting meanings of skin color. . . . A marvel.” —NPR

“A cerebral and utterly transfixing epic. . . . Americanah is superlative at making clear just how isolating it can be to live far away from home. . . . Unforgettable.” —The Boston Globe

“Witheringly trenchant and hugely empathetic . . . a novel that holds the discomfiting realities of our times fearlessly before us. . . . A steady-handed dissection of the universal human experience.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Adichie is uniquely positioned to compare racial hierarchies in the United States to social striving in her native Nigeria. She does so in this new work with a ruthless honesty about the ugly and beautiful sides of both nations.” —The Washington Post

“Gorgeous. . . . A bright, bold book with unforgettable swagger that proves it sometimes takes a newcomer to show Americans to ourselves.” —The Dallas Morning News

Americanah tackles the U.S. race complex with a directness and brio no U.S. writer of any color would risk.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“So smart about so many subjects that to call it a novel about being black in the 21st century doesn’t even begin to convey its luxurious heft and scope. . . . Capacious, absorbing and original.” —Jennifer Reese, NPR

“Superb . . . Americanah is that rare thing in contemporary literary fiction: a lush, big-hearted love story that also happens to be a piercingly funny social critique.” —Vogue

“A near-flawless novel.” —The Seattle Times

One of the Best Books of the Year
The New York Times • NPR • Chicago Tribune • The Washington Post • The Seattle Times • Entertainment Weekly • Newsday • Goodreads 
One of Time‘s 10 Best Fiction Books of the 2010s

Reviews from customers on Amazon

Cathryn Conroy


5.0 out of 5 stars This Is a Book to Be Cherished

Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2017

Verified Purchase

I just have to say this first: I LOVED this book! And I also have to say that it was a little out of my comfort zone. Written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this is a book about Nigeria. And Nigerians. And Nigerians who move to the United States. And England. And then move back to Nigeria. What does a white woman from the ‘burbs—even though those ‘burbs are considered THE most diverse city in the country (according to a 2017 WalletHub analysis of 313 U.S. cities)—know about Nigeria? Well, that, my friends, is the joy and wonder of reading. We can experience what we do not know in our limited real lives.

Ifemelu and Obinze are in love. They are teenagers in Lagos, Nigeria with big dreams for the future that, for the most part, do not involve Africa. Ifemelu has an opportunity to move to the United States for college. Obinze, who cannot get a visa, still encourages her to go. She lives a life separate from him and does something that is so destructive to her soul she fully separates herself from Obinze—without telling him why. The book alternates between their two stories, as well as in the past and present, but the writing is so perfect this all works seamlessly. But more than anything else, “Americanah” is a book about life and hope. Love and regret. Racism, prejudice and justice. Leaving home and going back. It is a book that speaks truths profound and witty. It is a book to be cherished.


5.0 out of 5 stars Americanah, so exquisite!

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2017

Verified Purchase

This is the first time that I have rated a book 5 stars! Adichie has now become my all time favorite writer. Her writing is exquisite, intelligent, somber, and thought provoking among other accolades that I can’t quite describe. I have been an avid reader for the past 60 years. Although I have read some excellent books, I can truly say that this story left no stone unturned, no questions left unanswered. I am not a reviewer, but I know what I like! I don’t like reviews that dissect each and every character, tell the plot, theme, problem and resolution. I just want to know why one does, or does not like a story. Therefore, I will do just that. Adichie’s characters are well fleshed out. She gets in their mind, body, and soul. She is a fluent writer, so lyrical. I traveled with them. Wanted to understand them. And I really wanted to taste their food and learn some Igbo. I just don’t know what took me so long to find Ms. Adichie. Shame on me!

William B. Radl

5.0 out of 5 stars Love, culture and race…

Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2016

Verified Purchase

A June, 2016 Pew research study was titled On Views of Race and Inequality, Blacks and Whites are Worlds Apart. While interesting, the Pew study, like so much of what we “know” about America, comes in a distilled abstraction that does not elicit a feeling. In Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Aditchie personalizes the various and real meanings of race, racism, black, white, foreign, and native, and describes feelings of anger, hurt, joy and love as she follows a Nigerian couple from high school into the beginning of middle life. Together and in love as young people in Africa they eventually move apart, to different parts of the world, seeing themselves over and over again through the eyes of those raised in cultures that they had long admired, but surprised and confused by the disconnect between expectation and reality, struggling to hold on to their dreams and failing. Their friends follow much the same trajectory and each reconciles to their new culture differently, giving up parts of themselves and acquiring new parts to survive.

This is a wide ranging, smart novel that makes the ideas of race and color and gender real in the context of the sexual, political, religious and intellectual cultures of America, Nigeria and England. Ifemelu, the young woman we follow from Africa to America and back, at one point, frustrated by a young American white woman who asks about the book she is reading thinks, “Why (do) people ask “What is it about?” as if a novel ha(s) to be about only one thing.” This novel is about many many things. And though she is not optimistic about racism in America, Aditchie gives us one answer from Ifemelu: “The simplest solution to the problem of race in America? Romantic love. Not friendship. Not the kind of safe, shallow love where the objective is that both people remain comfortable. But real deep romantic love, the kind that twists you and wrings you out and makes you breathe through the nostrils of your beloved. And because that real deep romantic love is so rare, and because American society is set up to make it even rarer between American Black and American White, the problem of race in America will never be solved.”

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