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Summary of Legend of Randidly Ghosthound PDF

Randidly Ghosthound felt lost and alone even before the System transformed the Earth. Before every person had to deal with the sudden presence of Levels, Skills, monsters, and the very real possibility of death…

Due to unusual circumstances, Randidly starts in an isolated Dungeon far beyond his Level, forced to rely on the mysterious Traveler Shal in order to learn and survive with the dangerous new status quo for his world.

But survive he does, only to leave the Dungeon and discover that while he experienced several hellish months in the Dungeon, only half a day passed on Earth. Randidly’s capabilities are now more than enough to help build a small enclave of survivors, but that doesn’t mean balancing his sense of responsibility against the plots of an unfriendly town will be easy.

And although he doesn’t know it, he needs to prepare because the System has sent down a Tribulation, which waits in the shadows and monitors his every move…

Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

Information About the book (Amazon)

  • Publisher: Aethon Books (November 9, 2021)
  • Publication date: November 9, 2021
  • Language: English
  • File size: 5212 KB
  • device usage: Unlimited
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • Screen Reader: Supported
  • Enhanced typesetting: Enabled
  • X-Ray: Enabled
  • Word Wise: Enabled
  • Print length: 574 pages
  • Lending: Enabled
  • Amazon.com Sales Rank #726 in Kindle Store
  • #1 in Magic Games
  • #2 in Dungeons & Dragons Gaming
  • #3 in Mage Gaming

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Reviews on Legend of Randidly Ghosthound Book 1

Review from customers on Amazon.com

Travis L.
5.0 out of 5.0 stars. Verified Purchase
An interesting story of development and personal change under pressure Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2021

One thing I think most people should know before going into this is that the protagonist – prior to his horrific experiences – was already an introvert with a fundamental inability to understand women. This isn’t something that suddenly popped up after his horrific experiences in the dungeon, so be at ease that it is a fundamental part of his personality rather than some unnatural plot wall against the protagonist understanding what the women around him are saying. *laughs* Now, to the meat of it. This story is your classic litrpg apocalypse setup, with a bit of a combination between the concepts used by Tao Wong and The First Defier. The protagonist begins in a high level area, exactly like in the System Apocalypse series, but the way he goes about getting strong is as much a matter of going around his limitations as it was for the protagonist of Defiance of the fall. So, for fans of either of those series, there are going to be pleasant echoes of familiarity involved.

It is after that that things get weird, when a three-eyed drill sergeant appears in the dungeon and basically pounds Randidly into shape. This process essentially gets rid of most of the weaknesses born of a soft modern life left in him and form the character who will later come to be known as ‘the Ghosthound’.

One thing I feel it is good to note about the system in this story is that it is far more aggressively malicious than any other system I’ve seen in a litrpg apocalypse story. Instead of being a (mostly) impartial deliverer of doom, it is fairly obvious that the system gleefully piles horrific events on the heads of those who actually meet its conditions for survival.

As a result, it is pretty much only our intrepid (and somewhat crazy by the mid-point of the book) protagonist’s task to haul the idiot noobs out of the holes their optimism have dug for them again and again. This is, in itself, fairly amusing when you think about it in retrospect, but given Randidly’s personal dislike of interacting with people at all; it is often stressful in the moment.

That is perhaps the most interesting part of this story, compared to some similar stories. Randidly doesn’t suddenly become outgoing and social when responsibility starts to come his way, like a lot of supposedly introverted litrpg protagonists. Rather the opposite. The pressure of responsibility actually drives him to the edge and the social interactions introduce complications he desperately wants to get rid of.

In this way, I liked the consistency of how the author treated Randidly’s personality. While the process of changing him into a warrior did pound out a lot of his weaknesses, they were weaknesses of upbringing rather than essential personality. As such, the result is a more refined Ghosthound, not a Ghosthound changed beyond all recognition.

3.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase
Randidly is on the Spectrum. Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2021

Full disclosure, I read a good portion of the web novel years ago. Seeing this pop up in the store got me curious and the notes about editing got me to revisit. His story has not been significantly improved or the changes are so subtle as to be insubstantial. The problem mainly lies in the characters, and is magnified the longer a character is presented in the story. These aren’t how well adjusted or even moderately so people behave. You’ll notice it the longer a Main character stays on screen and it is particularly noticeable in Randidly. This alone doesn’t necessarily make for a bad story, personal growth and redemption are well worn tropes for good reason. It’s that there is no payoff for the Main character or atleast any enjoyable ones. Side characters do have arcs and progress but Main characters continually spin wheels or morph in to unpleasant characters. Fair warning, If you are disliking them now or have suspicions you will in the future do yourself a favor and drop it. The Main characters do not improve they just get bigger.

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase
Great Read, Cool new system, and fun story. Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2021

I originally read this story over on RoyalRoad and I am now happy to read it over on Amazon. This story combines a lot of slow story and system progression with some fantastic fight scenes. The author really takes the time to develop their characters and the system that this litrpg uses is amazing. It comes with a more normal leveling system with a path system that makes it so every character has their own unique development and not some cookie cutter builds that many system novels fall into. Overall the story is amazing and if you are a fan of litrpg one I have to recommend reading.

Reviews on Royalroad.com

REVIEWED AT: Chapter 1598
BY Quetzhal  on 6/2/2021, 12:31:16 AM

The style is generally strong, and I have very little to criticize here. Combat is powerful, punchy and immersive; descriptive scenes are beautifully done. In general, this is something that’s gotten better as time has passed. Early chapters aren’t bad stylistically but also don’t particularly stand out, but the style improves drastically as the story comes into its own.

There is, however, a distinct ‘anime syndrome’. I’m not sure how else to describe it. Characters occasionally speak as though they’re in an anime. The grammar in these instances isn’t technically wrong – it just doesn’t strictly reflect how people talk, and looks almost translated. It doesn’t always happen and seems more of a joke than not when it does, but it’s still rather unfortunately awkward.


Normally, a good style requires good spelling and grammar – and the grammar is perhaps the  sticking point that drops the rating of the style in this review. There’s the anime speech, which occasionally does slip into the realm of gramatically incorrect, and there’s a recurring problem where certain words are just very consistently used incorrectly (e.g. ‘barred his teeth’ instead of ‘bared his teeth’). It’s not overall bad – I’ve seen significantly worse. It’s just a little above average.


‘Story’ in this case is a very broad category, and unfortunately it’s too broad to properly describe everything the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound tries to accomplish. The story is a mix of incredibly good ideas and inconsistent writing; the reason I keep reading is for those moments where the story comes together. Here is where the story is good first draft material: The ideas are there, and the implementation is solid. The worldbuilding is very interesting, and expands to cover multiple worlds.

The problem, then, is consistency and pacing. Sometimes new worldbuilding happens that slightly contradicts previous worldbuilding. Sometimes the story stalls out for tens of chapters while we follow someone else. Sometimes a lot of extraneous words are used for something that’s just not that interesting. 

Overall: Could be very good if edited. Right now, the good and the bad points cancel each other out. It’s not an average story, but it’s a story of extreme highs and extreme lows, one might say.


The thing with the character score is that… there are good side characters. There are plenty of characters that are generally interesting, or that have multiple dimensions to them. In general, people aren’t black and white; the story is clearly aware of that and handles that well.

Randidly himself is too inconsistent to be a good character. It’s an enjoyable read most of the time, but when something bad happens, it’s very bad. I almost stopped reading on a few occasions because Randidly makes decisions that harm a lot of people for incredibly unnecessary reasons, and it seems like even the story realizes it because a few chapters later it backtracks and starts talking about how it wasn’t necessary.

Then it happens again. And again.

Moral dilemmas are interesting, and I enjoy them when they appear in stories. I don’t enjoy them when a character is written to be good, and then makes the same horrific decision multiple times, several hundred chapters apart. It is legitimately rather painful to read. Randidly as a character occupies a strange liminal space between morality and amorality, where readers that prefer amorality may be frustrated by the guilt and ethical philosophy, and readers that prefer an ethical MC may be frustrated by the amoral actions themselves.


It’s a good story to lose yourself in. If you can wait, wait for an editing pass of some kind to pare down the chapters. If you’re warned ahead of time, the more frustrating aspects of the story may not be so frustrating, and you may be able to enjoy it more.

This is a story of extremes. It’s not that it’s a consistently average story, and therefore gets 2.5 – it’s that it has very weak moments and very strong ones, and that averages out the rating.

Customers reviews on audible.com

By CDM860 on 11-10-21
This book has mood swings

Sometimes MC is doing something cool …sometimes he’s being lame …a lot of the time he’s being weird. Towards the end, the story jumps all over the place …to the point where u have to wonder, what is the point of this?

I enjoyed portions of the story, but there seemed to be a lack of direction towards the end, a lot of weird fluffy stuff that doesn’t have much to do with the storyline. Idk if there was some kind of minimum word count he had to hit, but for whatever reason the author starts introducing new characters and telling us about stuff we don’t know about or care about, MC wastes a lot of time, n has a bunch of pointless interactions. Overall, this series is worth keeping up with, but after reading/listening to Defiance of the Fall …Randidly Ghosthound just doesn’t grip you the same way Super Brother Man does.

By Amazon Customer on 12-29-21

Has potential but a lot of really stupid parts

I picked this up because it was compared to He Who Fights With Monsters and Defiance of the Fall but this one is nowhere near as good as those.

Performance: overall it was good but there were a few time he didn’t keep character voices straight, nothing too bad but a bit annoying.


The good – I like the world and they system, even if it doesn’t work great for audio ( I ended up skipping through a lot of the character sheet readings because it’s just too long when one person has like 30 skills to read through). The paths are cool and add some great mystery and depth compared to normal level ups. The way the villages work and the spirits not liking the MC makes for good world building.

The bad – The MC is an idiot. It takes him 3 times almost dying before he understands the lesson to not just waste his stamina. He acknowledges the fact that people need to get stronger before founding a village but then goes and does it anyway screwing over a lot of people. He knows that taking a class will stunt his own growth, and so does Sam but they have no issue letting Donny do it without even a warning. He then let’s another village get founded by people not strong enough to defend it without any care for consequences even after knowing the additional hidden dangers because as established it takes massively screwing up 3 times for him to learn. Also his last name actually being Ghosthound feels like a flimsy excuse to have him use an edge lord gamer tag. If the MC is an idiot the rest of the people are somehow worse. Everyone worshiping the MC is just a bit much, yes he’s strong and cool but whispering his name in reverence every time anyone thinks he’s involved is just a bit too much. How is it that nobody can seem to figure out stats without MC showing up to guide them? A month in and people are teaching blatantly wrong information as gospel fact but MC spots the flaw in seconds. MC’s ex goes on a rant about boring things peacefully proceeds to almost get killed but is saved by MC then proceeds to believe there was a peaceful solution, while also having lived through the first day where she saw people get ripped apart left and right for no reason.

If this story could get over the MC being the only person that can actually figure things out it would improve a lot. Also there is a lot of pointless swearing and references to sex, I’m not against that stuff being included but the way it’s used feels like a teenager trying to be edgy while writing rather than fitting in the story.

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