How to Download AutoCAD Student Version Free

How to Download AutoCAD Student Version free

At the end of this informative content, you will learn “How to Download AutoCAD Student Version FREE!”

Yes! You can download AutoCAD free directly from Autodesk if you are a student or an educator, only be ready to prove you are student or an educator with your academic institution issued “Identity or Transcript or School-issued confirmation letter”

Autodesk AutoCAD Exclusive Education Offer

If you are a student or a teacher and you need any of the software packages offered by Autodesk, you need not to worry, you will get it free without paying a dime. We are talking about fully functional software with all the features complete.

Autodesk provides software for students and educators worldwide free. Free educational access is only for educational purposes which lasts for only one year, after which it can be renewed. For-profit use requires a paid subscription plan.

To get Autodesk software like Autocad, Eagle CAD and others free, you need to get verified for educational access to Autodesk products

Confirm your eligibility with SheerID today and you will have access to Autodesk AutoCAD student or teacher’s version software free.

To support those in pursuit of an education and those who are helping to teach our next generation, Autodesk is proud to offer its products and services for free to students and educators. That includes its flagship AutoCAD product, along with a variety of other design, modeling, and construction software. Students and educators can gain access to one year of educational access to their products, renewable as long as you remain eligible.

AutoCAD 2022 overview (video: 2:44 min.)

How to Download AutoCAD Student Version Free

1. Navigate to SheerID Autodesk’s landing page (Link @ end of page)

To verify your eligibility and redeem the Autodesk offer, click the ‘Get Offer’ button below. You’ll be taken to for educational access where you will click ‘Get Started.’

2. Sign in to Autodesk account or sign up for a new one

From there, either sign in to an existing Autodesk account or sign up for a new one.

3. Choose the Software Package you Need

There are plenty of software packages to choose from, but since we are looking for How to download AutoCAD student version free from Autodesk, we choose AutoCAD.

4. Verify your Status

Upon signing in, you’ll be asked to verify your status, and upon a successful verification, you’ll receive access to their educational program.

5. Download and install AutoCAD student version.

Use the access link or visit the Autodesk website to download the AutoCAD student version you downloaded free from Autodesk software.

The student license expires after one year. You can renew the license after one year by repeating the seamless verification process of providing either of the following:

Documents that can be used for Autodesk student verification

Before you can download AutoCAD free from Autodesk or any software package offered free by Autodesk to students and teachers, you need to upload any of the documents listed below.

  • Transcript
  • School-issued confirmation letter
  • A copy of your student ID (photo ID not required)

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD® is one of the sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software packages provided by Autodesk, that empowers architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create precise drawings.

What you can do with Autocad

  • Draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects
  • Automate tasks like comparing drawings, counting objects, adding blocks, creating schedules, and more
  • Customize your workspace with add-on apps and APIs

I believe this article has shown you how to download and install autocad student version free on your computer.

To get the business version of AutoCAD, you need to pay. However, if you need the Crack version of AutoCAD, if you are looking for where to download the Crack version of AutoCAD, or you are looking for how to download AutoCAD crack version, then let me know in the comment section.

Use the ‘GET STARTED” Button below to start the process of downloading AutoCAD student version free on your windows computer or Apple Device Free!

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