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Proteus 8.15 version of the Proteus Design Suite is out. Labcenter Electronics released the Proteus 8.15 version of the simulation software on the 22nd of September 2022. At the moment of writing this post, this is the latest version of the Proteus simulation software.

Proteus 8.15 latest version
Proteus 8.15 latest version

What is Proteus?

The Proteus Design Suite a property of Labcenter Electronics is a proprietary software tool suite used primarily for electronic design automation. The software is used mainly by electronic design engineers and technicians to create schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

The Proteus Design Suite combines ease of use with a powerful feature set to enable the rapid design, test and layout of professional printed circuit boards.

Proteus Versions

There are several versions of the software out there which you can use for your circuit simulation. They various versions of the Proteus simulation software include:

Proteus 8.0
Proteus 8.9
Proteus 8.10
Proteus 8.11
Proteus 8.12
Proteus 8.13
Proteus 8.14
Proteus 8.15

Features of the Recent Release of the Proteus Design Suite

Proteus 8.15 is the latest version of the Proteus simulation software which was just released recently with the following new features:

  • Curved Route Editing: The editing of curved routes has been overhauled to work in a similar way to linear routes. Curved corners can be dragged to enlarge or contract their radius and straight segments between curves can be dragged exactly like linear segment dragging.
  • Linear Route Editing: Various improvements to segment dragging, node dragging and small segment removal. The goal of all editing is to maintain 90 and 45 degree segments as this both enables future segment drag editing and software tidy operations.
  • Via Dragging: Via dragging is a special case since you don’t often move by a large amount and any direction will often do. Considerable work has taken place to maintain editable routing following a user via drag.
  • Curved Mitring: Routes can now be switched between linear and curved mitring either individually, on a selected group or globally. This again depends on the routes maintaining 45 and 90 segments when linear.
  • Additional Layers: The layering system has been upgraded to include:
    • An additional four mechanical layers.
    • A dedicated slot layer.
    • Dedicated top and bottom assembly layers.
      In previous versions you specified which mechanical layer to specify as the slotting layer. When imported into 8.15 the contents (if any) of this specified layer will be moved automatically onto the new slotting layer.
      For a full listing of features and fixes please log on to our support forums and look under the ‘Updates and Fixes’ section. Proteus 8.15 is available free of charge to all customers whose USC is valid as of 20th September 2022.

Feature releases are available for free to every customer with an in date support contract.

Use this link to get a trial version of the the new proteus release: PROTEUS 8.15

Download Proteus Simulation Software

You can as well get crack versions of the previous versions below:

Download Proteus 8.0
Download Proteus 8.9
Download Proteus 8.10
Download Proteus 8.11
Download Proteus 8.12
Download Proteus 8.13

After downloading and installing the Proteus simulation software either from labcenter electronics of with the links above, you can get started with using proteus by watching the video below:

How to use Proteus

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