Proteus 8.17 Download and Installation

Proteus 8.17, the latest release from Labcenter Electronics, is now available. This version offers significant enhancements to the Proteus simulation suite. To download Proteus 8.17, visit the official Labcenter Electronics website’s homepage. It’s important to note that this version introduces a file format change that is not compatible with older versions of the software.

Features of the Previous version – Proteus 8.16

Push and Shove Routing: There are now two main placement mods, namely Push mode and traditional FMR mode. The former allows the route being placed to move other tracks (and optionally vias) out of the way while the latter is more akin to a hug mode which will obey design rule clearances but will not affect other objects on the PCB. Keyboard shortcuts enable you to seamlessly switch between modes at any time.

DRC Aware Route Editing: Track editing operations are now by default all design rule aware, allowing you easily make the most of the available board space and keep a tidy board layout. This can be disabled via keyboard shortcut or through the Route Command Centre.

Route Command Centre: The Route Command Centre is the home for all route placement, editing and Visual DRC configuration options in Proteus. It can be launched from the Tools Menu or, more commonly, via the ‘R’ keyboard shortcut. Importantly the keyboard shortcut can launch the dialogue form while in the middle of placing or editing a route meaning that you can make changes or adapt the routing modes at any time.

Visual DRC: Visual DRC provides a viewport around the mouse and each object shows an expansion corresponding to it’s design rule clearance in an overlay. This instantly lets you see whether the route being placed can move where you want it to go and then take action such as toggling push mode or changing track style to squeeze through a tight gap.

Status Bar Messaging: Status Bar messaging has been upgraded during route placement and editing to include live route lengths, current routing mode and route styles and net information.

Length Matched Tracks Viewer: New matchgroup view directly in the parts bin gives a live board insight on length matched routes and their compliance status with target lengths.

For a full listing of features and fixes please log on to Labcenter support forums and look under the ‘Updates and Fixes’ section. Proteus 8.16 is available free of charge to all customers whose USC is valid as of 20th March 2023.

Features of Proteus 8.17 Lates Version

  • Push and Shove Route Editing: Route editing operations are now capable of moving other tracks and vias out of the way. This is a huge timesaver, whether you are nudging a via to make space or pushing tracks all the way to their design rule limit to tidy up the board.Push mode is now shared between placement and editing, with a single toggle (SHIFT+P) determining behaviour. When push mode is off route editing can still be design rule aware, giving you the ability to hug but not move other objects on the board
  • Diff Pair Routing:The differential pair routing algorithms have been improved in a few places, but most notably with the automatic start and termination. These will now attempt to route through components that are blocking the terminating pads as well as better handle rotated component terminations.
  • Route Command Centre (Upgraded):Route command centre remains the control hub for all placement and editing operations. Push mode can be toggled on or off and now applies equally to both placement and editing of routes.
  • Finally, while not quite ready for the initial release work progresses well on our new simulation product, Proteus VSM for MicroPython. We’re hopeful that this will see launch during the 8.17 Service Pack Cycle.

Download and Install Proteus 8.17

You can use the link below to download and install Proteus 8.17 from Labcenter Electronics website.

Download and install proteus 8.17

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