It’s okay to ask for help when you Need it

It's okay to ask for help when we need it

In today’s bible study, we will discuss a bible nugget titled, “It’s okay to ask for help.”

Review of Previous Bible Study

Previously, we discussed a bible topic that says, “Practice Makes Perfect.” In that episode of our daily bible study, we learned that, when Moses initially confronted Pharaoh, it was very much a challenge to him. But, by the time he had confronted Pharaoh several times, he got used to the game, he was no more scared of confronting pharaoh like he was when God initially called him for the task.

From there, we learned that, no matter how difficult a task is, if you put in your effort and consistently engage yourself to it, if you practice and practice, you will become perfect.

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In today’s episode of our daily bible study, we will discuss the topic that says, “It’s Okay to Ask for Help when you Need it.”

Bible Study Passage – It’s Okay to Ask for Help

As the plagues were ravaging Egypt, pharaoh remained stubborn and unwavering. He did not care if Egypt was collapsing. He kept challenging God and His messengers. However, at a point when it was obvious and very clear that Egypt is at the point of collapse, the officials of Pharaoh had to speak up to pharaoh. This is because, the plagues had destroyed the socio-economic strength of Egypt.

Pharaoh’s officials told him saying, how long will this man be a snare to us? Let the people go, so that they may worship the Lord their God, do you not yet realize that Egypt is ruined?

Too Close, Too Blurry – Ask for Help  

This is a powerful question and statement Pharaoh’s officials asked him. The point is that, pharaoh all along had been the person confronting Moses and Aaron, he thought he understands the situation and he is making the right decision in the interest of the Egyptians. But the truth is that, Pharaoh was too close to the matter, and that was why he couldn’t see clear.

Sometimes, in our lives, families, relationships, businesses, or our offices; as the boss or director, we feel we are too close to the happenings; hence, we know the proper step to take or the right decision to make all the time.

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Well, on the contrary, the closer you get, the smaller your field of view reduces. At this point, you tend to see smaller than you thought you are seeing. It is at this very moment that you will need people who are not as close as you are to the matter to help you. It is at this moment you need to ask for help.  Pharaoh at some point was in this situation, he needed to ask for help, he needed an external assistance. His officials made him understand that, yes, he is the boss, but there are some things he wasn’t handling well.

It’s okay to Ask for help when you Need it

This offers a tremendous and a life-transforming lesson to all of us. And that is, “It’s okay to ask for help when we need it“. When the going gets tough and you have applied several approaches to tackle the problem, and nothing positive seems to happen, then ask for help.

For the fact that you are at the center of the event does not make you “Mister-know-all.” For your own good, never hesitate to ask for help when the going gets tough.

Sometimes, it is that little child or that old man out there, that has the surest answer to your most intricate questions. Learn to humble yourself and get the solution to your problems. Once again, learn to ask for help as and when necessary. Asking for help when in need does not mean you are week, it means you acknowledge your strength. Asking for help allows us to surround ourselves with people who can make us feel good and facilitate further development. These people create optimism and hope that we are able to deal with challenging situations, which improves our resilience. Do this always and you will find life easier and sweet.

May we be led by God to the right people that can offer us the right advice when we need them. Amen.

I hope you learned so much from this piece of our daily bible study nuggets, and your life is richly blessed. Don’t forget to visit tomorrow for another wonderful episode of our daily bible nugget.

May the peace of the living God, Almighty, be with you forever and ever, AMEN.

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