Starting Afresh New in Life

starting afresh in life

There comes a time in our lives when situations cause us to make researches and ask questions on how to start over in life with nothing, how to start over in a relationship, how to start over in a broken relationship, how to start a new life, how to start a new life alone, and many other questions that boil down to starting afresh.

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Starting Afresh Quotes

Some people go the extra mile of searching for quotes that relate to starting afresh and starting a new life.

A simple google keyword research on topics like, starting a new life quotes, starting afresh quotes, etc. shows thousands of search results per month. This goes to show that, a lot of people are yearning for a new beginning.

There are plenty starting afresh quotes and starting a new life quotes out there, but then, is that all you need to be able to start afresh in life???

knowing these how to start afresh quotes is not enough to bring forth a wonderful beginning.

You need a deeper understanding and insight on why you should put behind whatsoever that is holding you back from starting afresh and move on. And such insight and nugget of wisdom can be found immensely in the bible or the scriptures, however you may call it.

Bible Study Passage

Let’s explore a portion of the scriptures that can give us an insight on starting afresh in life.

When God was creating the universe, the book of Genesis chapter one stated how He created light in the first day, then he created the firmament the second, Earth the third day, and so on, until the sixth day.

One may ask, why didn’t God create everything on the first day? why didn’t Him speak a word and everything would come into existence on the first day?

Well, we need to grapple with the fact that, the bible is not just a history book. Every portion of the Bible has plenty of lessons for us. In this very portion of the Bible, we have a lot of lessons to glean, and one of them answers the question posed by today’s daily bible study titled, “Starting Afresh in New Life, Starting a new Life

Each day that God did His work of creation was a new beginning entirely, however, each day’s work of creation added more beauty to the previous work that God made.

Stages to Starting Afresh in Life

We have to understand that there are stages in life, and each stage has a new beginning. The stages of creation all had their beginnings, and once that stage ends, another stage starts anew.

Do not feel devastated when you have to start afresh in life. It is a necessity to beautify your life. It gives you that sense of having enough time and space to pursue your aspirations.

There is this feeling of newness you have when you set out to begin a task afresh, that is the energy you should focus on whenever you want to start afresh.

Do not allow the past to hold you back. Look up to God and emulate Him. He did not finish the work of creation in one day, and while creating the universe, He begins each day a new work of creation. Learn this and you will have a fulfilled beginning in your journey to starting afresh.

Yes, you may need starting afresh quotes to pick strength, but it shouldn’t end there, you have to understand deeply that starting afresh is part of the success process, and then embrace it with joy. God started afresh in each day of creation, and at the end of each creation day, the bible says, “And it was Good.”

May the end of our beginnings and starting afresh end with the statement, “And it was Good.” Amen.

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