Does God Answer Prayers? Will God answer my Prayer if I sinned?

Does God Answer Prayers

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Does God Answer Prayers?
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Does God Answer Payers?

This shows that people are praying and are yearning for answers to their prayers. It happens that sometimes, when we fervently pray, it appears that God is not hearing nor giving heed to our prayers. On the contrary, God hears our prayers when we pray and He answers our prayers. So, the question does God answer prayers? Yes, He does answer prayers.

To someone that has not gotten what they are asking from God, it might be difficult to grapple with this answer. But let me ask a question, take a few minutes to ponder on the things you have in life, was it all of them you prayed for? The answer is No, and yet God provided them for you. This goes to show that God knows what is ok for us, and that He gives to us. Even when we did not ask for them, God in His infinite mercy provides our needs in His riches in glory. Therefore, whether we prayed or not, God will sure fulfil His mission in our lives. And if we eventually pray and ask God for anything, He will ultimately make to come to pass, that which is the best for us. In line with this, you and I can clearly agree that God answers Prayers. For the fact that He did not do exactly what we asked Him to do for you, does not mean that He did not answer our prayer, He actually did, but maybe not exactly as we wanted it.

How Does God Answer Prayers?

Answered prayers can come in two forms:

  1. You get “exactly” what you asked from God
  2. You did not get “exactly” what you asked from God

The first case is a situation where one asked for Item A from God, and gets item A.

The second situation is a case where someone asked God for item A but gets item B instead, however, due to the fact that the person in question specifically asked for item A, even when they get item B, they rarely realize that as an answered prayer.

God is our father, He knows what is best for us, when he fails to give us exactly what we asked for, it means He has another better package for us. As humans, we may not understand this, but the truth remains that our prayers were answered.

Will God answer my prayer if I sinned?

It is true that a lot of impediments can hinder God from doing exactly what we asked of him, especially sin, and that is where grace comes into play. Myself that wrote this article have sinned, you that is reading this article have sinned, yet, God still kept us alive and has kept providing for us. We should repent of our sins and return to God, but make no mistake to think that God will not answer your prayer if you have sinned. Rather, make every effort to amend your ways and prayer fervently, surely God will answer you, for a broken and contrite spirit God does not despise. May the All merciful God, hear our humble cry and answer our earnest prayers, Amen.

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