How to Remove Proteus License Key

Do you wish to remove an old Proteus License key from your windows computer to install a new one? Then this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, I will show you an easy way to remove Proteus license key from your computer under 1 minute.

How to Download and install Proteus Software

By the way, if you do not have Proteus software on your computer, and you wish to download one; or you are using an old version Proteus simulation software, and you wish to download and install the latest version, then check the links below. I have put links on how to download and install Proteus 8, Proteus 8.11 and Proteus 8.12; I also included all the Arduino Libraries you might need to set up your Proteus software for any type of circuit simulation.

How to Download and Install Proteus 8 Professional with crack

How to Download and Install Proteus 8.11 Professional

How to Download and Install Proteus 8.12 Professional

At the other hand, if you wish to download proteus license key, then consider downloading the Proteus 8 Professional, link is above.

How to Remove Proteus License Key

How to remove proteus license key under 1 minute

Step 1: Open your computer Local Disk.

Step 2: Navigate to program files (if you are running a 64 – bit Windows machine, navigate to program files x86)

Step 3: Navigate to Labcenter Electronics

Step 4: Open Proteus 8 Professional

Step 5: Open BIN

Step 6: Navigate to LICENSE.EXE and click it

Step 7: Highlight the installed Proteus License Key and click remove

Step 8: Click Yes to finish the removal process


You have just the old Proteus License Key on your computer. Now, you can go ahead and install new Proteus license key. To download Proteus license key click here.

Let me know if this How-to tutorial on how to remove old Proteus license key helped you.

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