Step up transformer simulation in Proteus

In this Tutorial, you will learn how to carry out step up transformer simulation in Proteus. Previously, I made a tutorial on how to design and simulate step-down voltage transformer in Proteus. You can check out the tutorial after studying this one. Again, If yo do not have Proteus already installed on your computer, I have made a tutorial on how to download and install Proteus FREE.

To download Proteus from labcenter electronics, you need to pay a huge some of money, which you may not have as a student or hobbyist, but you can download the software free on this website.

What is a step up transformer?

A step up transformer is a type of transformer that has the ability to transform low alternating voltage to a high alternating voltage. The step up voltage transformer comes in various sizes depending on the rated current value and the thickness of the conductor used to make the transformer coils. A transformer has two coils, the primary coil and the secondary coil. The primary coil is the coil on the input side of the transformer, while the secondary coil is the coil on the output side of the transformer.

For a step down transformer, the number of turns of the primary coil is larger than the number of turns of the secondary coil. While for the step up transformer, the number of turns of the primary coil is smaller than the number of turns of the secondary coil.

step-up transformer

Calculations for the simulation

The crucial part in the design and simulation of a step voltage transformer in Proteus is the simulation, and the most important part in the simulation is obtaining the values of the various parameters of the components used in the simulation.
below is the calculation carried out to obtain the various parameter values for the simulation. Note that, the whole simulation process and calculation is explained comprehensively in the video. So, to have a better understanding of the design and simulation, you need to watch the video alongside reading the calculations in this written tutorial. see calculations below:

step-up transformer in Proteus
proteus simulation
step-up transformer simulation in Proteus
how to use proteus
How to use proteus

With this calculation, you can obtain all the parameter values you need for the simulation. With this calculation, you can carry out any type of transformer simulation in Proteus. all you need to do is use the formula and follow the procedure as I did, you will realize your desired simulation result.
If you have any question concerning the the calculation or simulation, let me know in the comment section section.

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  1. Good morning sir I am Sylvester, your video on setting up a transformer in proteus is very good. Thanks so much. And the I wish to ask the second resistance Rs you calculated ,you are using the value of the primary voltage and not the one of the secondary. Whereas the formals needs that of the secondary. Can explain to me why

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