Know your Zodiac Sign as a Student

Know your Zodiac Sign as a Student

As a student you should endeavor to know your zodiac sign. Just imagine a world where every student is a genius! Mind blowing right? believe me I will love to be one but the reality every student must face is the fact that not everyone is a genius or exceptionally brilliant. We have the geniuses who basically don’t sweat to get good grades, they are simply talented like that.

The above-average students put in a Little hard work and still achieve good grades, the average students have to work harder, elucubrate i.e. burn the midnight oil and go through a topic over and over again before it sticks to their memory, while the below average students are mostly exasperated at the amount of time and effort they have to put in to make just a pass grade.

A lot of students fall into this last category and they wonder if they are in school to warm up the class seats or make up the number of students in the department. These students though not good in academics are great at other extracurricular activities within the campus. The good news to this gloomy tale is that astrology has a big part to play as to why some of your peers excel with little or no effort. By astrology I mean the zodiac sign under which you were born.

You are probably curious and wondering what the zodiac sign has to do with anything. Well, in this article you will discover how the zodiac sign influences some of the decisions you make as a student, your attitude towards your studies and why it is easier for some of your friends to make good grades without stress.

Know your Zodiac Sign as a Student

1. Aries Zodiac Sign – The alpha of the pack

As an alpha you are a natural leader in all your class and group projects. Just like a pack of wolves would naturally follow the strongest and proclaim him alpha, your classmates and friends follow you easily with no qualms because they trust you know what you are doing which you do. You are well noticed by your teachers and lecturers as you are always the first to offer assistance, and everyone admires your ability to rally everyone together for the most productive study groups or parties. Probably because your zodiac is a fire sign, you burn bright and are always motivated to succeed in everything you do which in turn means that you bag most if not all the awards at the end of the year. Your drive forces everyone to step up their game.

2. Aquarius Zodiac Sign- The think-tank

You are extremely innovative and creative which makes your friends envious. You take into account every minute detail and consider the pros and cons of how to execute your work. This often times makes you slow and get frustrated whilst doing your homework. Your mind is ever ready to grab new concepts, a trait that is admired by your teachers. It’s a plus that you are math whiz since you are great solver.

3. Cancer Zodiac Sign- The go getter

You have a tenacious work ethic in that when you set your mind on a given task, there is no stopping you from your desired goal. You are a student that will study hard right when school resumes in preparation for the exams and not engage in last minute preparations. You are very persistent and passionate in what you do and also have a caring attitude which endears your mates to you and makes you a great project partner.

4. Capricorn Zodiac Sign- The studious student

You are super serious about your academics and waste no time in putting up your hands when you don’t understand a concept to ask questions. You are that student who goes the extra mile in your quest for knowledge and enjoy providing answers to questions asked in class by the professors. This makes you quite popular and are friends with the lecturers. For you, motivation is key and you will not allow less motivated students to be around you or pull you down. You are really good with numbers and will excel if you decide to become a business major. Remember to take time off school and work to relax, do fun stuff and your brain will thank you for this.

5. Gemini Zodiac Sign- The all-rounder with an absorbent brain.

When I say you are an all-rounder, this means that you are that student who is engaged in lots of extracurricular activities in school. You are that student with a finger in each pot but this does not in any way affect your academics as you love learning. The odds are really in your favour as you have a very absorbent brain I.e. you are very receptive and will hardly ever forget anything taught. This is an ability that is envied by your mates and friends as you don’t have to work too hard to learn, digest a material or remember important points and details. Well, that’s one of the perks of being a Gemini which is totally amazing.

6. Leo Zodiac Sign- The helper

As a natural born leader like Aries, you pride yourself on being able to lead whilst others follow. You make a great student as you are very serious with your studies and also you are a very good teacher because you explain topics in clear and concise terms to fellow students who don’t understand which means being a teacher would be a good career choice for you.

7. Libra Zodiac Sign- The social butterfly

Being a Libra can make the more studious zodiac sign students see you as unserious. You are well known among your mates and friends as a social butterfly as you love to chat. But the good thing Is that you chat to learn from others. You are that student that love group reading and may not do too well studying alone. You are in your element when you bounce ideas off others. You can also be a bit of a chatterbox in class which is something you have to watch out for.

8. Pisces Zodiac Sign- The perfectionist

Your over meticulous nature and perfectionist attitude towards studies is your greatest strength as it is your weakness. On the plus side, this trait ensures that your schoolwork is always top notch and leave you no loose ends and the down side is that you are always worried that you are not doing enough thereby stressing yourself out and leaving you mentally and bodily exhausted. Dear Pisces, always know that your hard work is noticed and learn not to beat yourself up that you are not doing enough.

9. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign- The spontaneous student

Student under this sign love to explore while learning- making them adventurous and spontaneous. You are always curious in class and love to participate fully. You suggest field trips to your lecturers and teachers which is no surprise as it helps you connect with the subject taught. You’d definitely make a good history student.

10. Scorpio Zodiac Sign- The secretive scorer

Scorpios are a secretive bunch. Why should your competition know how prepared you are? You prepare well for exams and tell you are not. It’s a strategy you use to compete. You are very passionate about learning, refusing to accept thing at face value. you want to know the why’s and how’s and do not see homework as a chore.

11. Taurus Zodiac Sign- The hands-on learner

You are that student who learns and assimilate better when what you are learning is right in front of you I.e. you are practical oriented. You absolutely love your practical classes as it gives you the opportunity to use your hands. You will definitely do well as a science major.

12. Virgo Zodiac Sign- Eyes on the prize

As a Virgo, you are very hardworking and want everyone to know it though you don’t brag. You put your school work first and are focused on getting straight A’s that is your eyes are always on the prize. You are a natural learner, so learning new concepts is second nature which in turn makes you a good student. Your notes are always organized and up to date which makes you the first person your friends seek information from when they miss classes.

Now you Know your Zodiac Sign as a Student

Now you know your zodiac sign as a student, please note that your academic success is not guaranteed just by knowing your zodiac sign as a student. Irrespective of the zodiac sign you fall under as a student, always know that hard work never killed anyone and it surely pays. Be diligent in your studies, acquire knowledge, apply the knowledge acquired be the next big thing the world is waiting for. Good luck!

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