Reasons female students engage in sexual promiscuity

sexual promiscuity

There is this popular notion amongst people of this present generation that any young girl that enters the University and eventually graduates is now wild and  no longer a wife material. This notion arises as a result of the rate at which female undergraduates engage in sexual escapades and promiscuity. Girls as young as 14 are already engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse for social and economic reasons. Its even a norm for a lady to have more than one sexual partner in order to pay her bills. My journey through the university opened my eyes to the many things girls do to take care of themselves. Some of these girls come from middle class or even rich families where their basic needs are taken care of and yet once they get into campus, they bask in their new found freedom by engaging in premarital sex with multiple partners and majority of them are from poor homes and are just using what they have to get what they want. In this article I will highlight the various reasons why university girls engage in sexual immorality.

1. Poor financial background: BBC news reports that Poverty has risen in Nigeria, with almost 100 million people living on less than a $1 (£0.63) a day, despite economic growth. This poverty has taken a toll on most Nigerian families as they can barely feed themselves talk more of providing other essential needs like Education for their children. Most girls from such homes grew up struggling every day to survive. It is drummed into their brains from day one that there are certain things or heights in life that they cannot achieve. The ambitious ones amongst them may manage to finish secondary School and have the intention of furthering their studies and if by some stroke of luck they manage to get into the university, then they will vow not be dropouts hence sleeping around with men for monetary gain.

2. Peer pressure: The term “peer pressure” means the influence that peers or people in the same group can have on each other. Peer pressure is prevalent among adolescents and teenagers and so one might ask how can undergraduates be influenced by peer pressure? Are undergraduate students not young adults who are supposed to decipher right from wrong? The times have changed and teens as young as 15 now gain admission into higher institution. Young girls within this age bracket and even older are easily influenced by others when they see them live lavish lifestyles, dress flamboyantly by putting on the latest Gucci, Versace or Balenciaga wears. These girls are sorely tempted to be like their mates and so join the band of promiscuity.

3. Exploration of new found freedom: The Nigerian society is a traditional and conservative one and as such the girl child is sheltered for most of her adolescent and teenage life. She is restricted from forming relationships with the opposite sex. Some parents take a step further by banning wearing of trousers, the latest fashion wears and even keeping platonic relations with a guy. These restrictions placed doesn’t go down well the girl and all her prayers, dreams and goals will be to gain admission into the higher institution and finally be free to do as she pleases without fear of rebuke. This new gotten freedom will lead them to mingling with a lot of people who will in turn influence their lifestyle.

4. Lack of proper home training: The present economic situation and recession have forced many parents to take on more jobs or demanding jobs that will at least carter for the needs of the family. What this means for children in such homes is that their excesses are not checked, mistakes are not noticed and corrected. These kids grow up not being able to differentiate right from wrong and will be coached by friends outside the home. Because girls from such homes are not privy to proper behavioural training from their parents, they are open and very receptive to wrong ideas outside.

Are the above reasons valid for girls who engage in sexual promiscuity?

These reasons above some of which may seem valid should not be a criterion for engaging in Illicit sex as there are many health risks associated with it. These health risks include sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sexually transmitted infections (STIs) especially the human immune deficiency virus (HIV). Despite the economic situation and the poor living standards in the country, there are still those set apart girls who prefer to learn a skill or do other menial jobs to make ends meet. They start up a little business to support themselves in School. So, there is no excuse for selling your body which is your pride and dignity as a woman. Protect your womanhood which is God’s gift to women, keep yourself as it is a virtue as reintegrated by the holy book. There is always a reward for good deeds.

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