Until I Met You

Until I Met You By Goddy Francis

Until I Met You Summary

She’s ‘the’ good girl. She likes to read and stay indoors. One thing she’s good at is staying away from trouble and attractive men that reeks of trouble and hotness. Until him… Ariel Peterson always believed in the world and how she wanted to change the world by going to Nun School and becoming a Nun. But after her best friend stole her innocence and she was cast out by the church, Ariel’s Parents despise her and they blame her for losing their positions in the church. She hates her life, the world, and that includes men. Her family relocating to New York was supposed to be a fresh start for Ariel. With the past behind her, Ariel is ready to face the world even if she has to constantly wear a fake smile. The last thing she expects is Gray Carter, the mysterious and notorious billionaire to barge into her life without warning. He’s her opposite and Ariel hates the fact that he pisses her off and at the same time makes her feel things she’s never felt before with just his dirty, sweet words. But what happens when Gray Carter wants the one thing he shouldn’t want? He’s staked his claim and he’s not walking out of her life anytime soon.

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Until I Met You
Until I Met You

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