You Can Run But…

You Can Run But… By AmonAvHs

You Can Run But… Summary

“Sir your wife. Maya Alfredo was just seen working as a…” His tone cut his assistant short “My wife?surround the area NOW!” **** Though the crime is committed by her sister, Maya Alfredo is turned in by her parents to be punished by the Ruthless Don Damon Xavier, for selling information about the Costra Nostra to the police. Her world overturned and shattered, she is taken to the Don’s Manor where she would be owned by him and treated like his plaything meanwhile knowing his intentions to destroy her. But then things gets dark in the Don’s Manor. With the presence of Derinem Xavier. Maya doesn’t stand a chance in Damon’s furnace. Will he then destroy her and everything she loves for the sins he thinks she committed? Or does luck have other plans for her? Note— This is a dark romance. not all lovey dovey. ML is a psychopath. Trigger warnings!!!

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You Can Run But...
You Can Run But…

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