Queen Luna’s Revenge – The Victim or The Villain

Queen Luna’s Revenge – The Victim or The Villain By Sherryann Martinez

Queen Luna’s Revenge – The Victim or The Villain Summary

Excerpt: “What are you waiting for? I SAID GET OUT AND GET OUT NOW!” Alpha King Jairus Mathiasen growled menacingly, and he was in front of her instantly, leaving his mistress’s side. His sweet luscious lips that used to kiss her tears away or pepper kisses all over her body, having her skin erupt in a flurry of warm, comforting, and sensual tingles now curled into a scowl as he reared back his hand and struck his Queen Luna Aakifahlynn across the face, this time with the already prepared and signed divorce paper. Causing her to stumble, hunching over sideways with the force of her husband’s shove behind the slap. With her reflexes, she was able to right herself as she held the side of her face that stung in the aftermath of his heavy hand. And yet mild sparks were warming it simultaneously, but she was thankful he did not use his full strength on her weakened body. Yes, her husband, a man she had married, loved, and given five years of her life as a doting and supportive wife and Queen Luna. That same man was her mate for eight years and counting. A mate who was destined to be with her, he was made specifically for her, and she for him. Blessed by the Divine Moon Goddess herself with the aim that her creation, whom she calls her children, would never be alone in this treacherous world. They would always have each other if no one else. Queen Luna Aakifahlynn stared at the man, her husband, but she did not know who this person was before her. She surmised for the fourth time during this nightmare she would not seem to wake up from. _________________________________________________ There is no wrath like a woman betrayed in the most gruesome way. Queen Luna Aakifahlynn Mathiasen was a fierce Ace wolf, gifted and highly favored by the Divine Moon Goddess. She was also a devoted mate, wife, and Queen of the Tamman Kingdom in the Anatola Continent. Aakifahlynn was betrayed most horrendously by her husband and mate, Alpha King Jairus Mathiasen. In the moment before her death, she resigned herself to her faith and welcomed the unknown of the afterlife if there was such a thing. However, she was stunned at what happened next. Queen Luna Aakifahlynn found herself alive three years earlier, with memories of her past life still very much untouched. Wrought by sour detestation, with a second chance, Queen Luna Aakifahlynn vowed the destruction of her enemies. However, what would happen when her sworn Ayacquean enemy offers to help her? The disgraced, dark, and mysterious Emperor Demarion Dracul. Can she trust her enemy? What secrets is the Emperor hiding? The Ayacques were considered enemies of the Kingdom of Tamman because they never surrendered to the throne and their constant incitement of war. They were conniving, calculative, deceitful, yet desirable. What would happen if this unlikely combo started noticing each other somewhere along the lines of their thirst for revenge? Dive in and find out, and in the end – Would you call her the Victim or the Villain?

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The Victim or The Villain
The Victim or The Villain

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