Kiss in the Shadow

Kiss in the Shadow Summary

Kiss in the Shadow – He kissed her in the shadows. It was mind-blowing, passionate, hot and daring. But when Miranda removed the blindfold from her eyes, she didn’t expect that the man she hated was the one she was making love with. It was supposed to be his fiance’, Fiore. Her three years boyfriend whom she thought had given her virginity. Instead, she was mistakenly devirginized by his fiance’s best friend, Xylon Diaz.

Fiore was furious and no more weddings will take place. Miranda hated Xylon to the depths of the earth. But she will be forced to live with Xyle because they were stranded in the ancient country house in the middle of the woods. Until such time that her body felt differently. She wants Xyle to kiss her. She wants that one night with Xyle to happen once again.

When Fiore returns, Miranda has to choose. The man she promised her heart or the man her body is longing for.

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Kiss in the Shadow (Webnovel)

Kiss in the Shadow
Kiss in the Shadow

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