Shadow Moon

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Shadow Moon – Sylvia swore her wolf would stay asleep for her lifetime, it was a fate she knew she had to endure. She took precautions to keep it that way and avoid the consequences that would occur if it woke up. It was a secret she was forced to keep and her wolf would pay that price. Precaution number one, avoid male wolves and stay clear of events that were likely to include them. However, when her boss offers her double pay to fill in for a sick co-worker she could hardly turn it down. So she was on her way to the event she had always requested off, the Werewolf leader meeting for the North. She had a plan though, keep her head down and eyes off of any others.

Silas was ready to give up on a fated mate and find his pack a Luna. They were restless and his wolf was getting harder to control. He is the Alpha of the Shadow Moon pack and while his wolf encouraged him to keep waiting, he wasn’t so sure anymore. His Beta was in the same situation. Sinlan had hope still, he’d find his mate when the time was right. He encouraged his Alpha to keep his eyes open at the meeting. A lot of local packs would allow single wolves to go just in search of their mate. He wouldn’t let his best friend give up. He’d help him find his mate as well. Then their pack would finally be complete. With the Luna it deserved.

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Shadow Moon (Webnovel)

Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon

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