Eminence of Shadow

Eminence of Shadow Summary

Eminence of Shadow – “Eminence of Shadow”, The story follows the adventures of a high school student named Shido, who becomes the mastermind behind a secret organization known as the “Shadow Garden.”

Shido, an otaku with a vivid imagination, desires to live a life of excitement and adventure like the protagonists of his favorite novels and anime. However, he is an ordinary person with no exceptional skills or powers. Determined to change his fate, Cid devises a plan to create a fictional organization that secretly manipulates world events from the shadows.

Using his knowledge of spy movies and fantasy stories,shidoforms the “Shadow Garden” and becomes its enigmatic leader known as “Shadow.” He recruits a group of talented individuals who are unaware of his true identity and convinces them that they are part of a grand conspiracy to overthrow the government.

As the story progresses, Shido’s fabricated organization gains attention and respect from both allies and enemies. Despite the challenges he faces in maintaining the illusion, Shido strives to protect his secret while navigating a dangerous world filled with rival organizations, government agencies, and powerful individuals.

“Eminence of Shadow” combines elements of comedy, action, and fantasy as Cid and his companions find themselves embroiled in various adventures while trying to uphold the façade of their shadowy organization. The series explores themes of identity, friendship, and the power of imagination as Shido’s dream of becoming the protagonist of his own story gradually unfolds.

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Eminence of Shadow (Webnovel)

Eminence of Shadow
Eminence of Shadow

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