In Nica’s Shadow

In Nica’s Shadow Summary

In Nica’s Shadow – This story is discontinued and completed. It was written at a time I was very sick and thought. It would not turn out well. I have shifted the energy of writing to a new story that is a more intense form of BDSM and romance but doesn’t delve as deeply in pending death and doom.

In the realm where mortals tread, I observe their frantic scurrying, stumbling from grace, and bowing before false deities.

They sacrifice kin and companions, seeking fleeting solace. The art of traversing known realms and conquering fear eludes them.

I have allowed them to wander aimlessly for far too long. The foul scent of hope pollutes the world as they yield to fear, devoid of valor and pride.

I dispatched my begotten sons, time and again, to seduce and ravage the sins of the masses, heralding an era of death and desire.

Plagues and wars unfurled as my sons painted the world in chaos.

A sly grin emerges upon my lips, for I delight in the spectacle. It reminds me of a nursery rhyme from a bygone era, whispered at a child’s bedside.

The darkness weaves strange reminiscences of the bittersweet. A child afflicted by plague’s boils and the mother’s dread realization of transmitting her malady.

Through the ages, naught has changed since their first steps upon the earth.

Agony and despair linger in the air, the essence and longing of existence. Amidst the apparent serenity, a subtle note of turmoil wafts—a melody of corrupted souls.

For even in their docility, these creations can wield ruthlessness.

Alas, they revere strength, unaware that the mightiest often shatter, crying like infants as their bones snap between my fingers.

Should you seek a tale of systematic oppression, generational torment, vile assault, and the macabre, I extend an invitation to the narrative of innocence’s demise—the beauty found within life’s darkest corners.

The battle yet wages, and perchance, as my final thoughts manifest, redemption shall unfold its melodic strains.

Or perchance, I shall pen their ultimate sentence—an exquisite requiem, unbridling my vengeance in the shadows cast by Nica.

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In Nica’s Shadow (Webnovel)

In Nica's Shadow
In Nica’s Shadow

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