Eminence of the Antagonist

Eminence of the Antagonist Summary

Eminence of the Antagonist – The creator deemed that everything is too boring.

And with that…


All the existing universes were combined into one!

The balance has been broken. Everything is now possible.

Mech civilizations, fantasy worlds, cultivation realms, and even aliens and unknown lifeforms have now gathered and appeared!

Unknown grotesque monsters called the ‘Creatures of the Void’ have also started invading their world.

Caught by surprise, everything was thrown into chaos!

And in the midst of this chaos, Kurogane Rion, a normal middle-aged man found his otaku dreams came true!


Finally, fantasy shits have started happening!

All the wait was worth it! Fantasy has come into reality!

The time has arrived for our fellow weebs!

‘I can finally flex my isekai and anime knowledge and become the chosen MC who can be the overpowered guy!’


Much to his dismay he is not the MC…

As expected, reality still sucks.


He is just a side character.

Looking at his title, he felt disappointed.

‘But that’s okay, at least I can still use magic and be the sidekick of the protagonist.’

‘As a side character, I’m probably bound to meet the protagonist.’

‘As such, I can still live an awesome life by being with the MC… Who knows I might even get a girl or two, and finally change the boring fate of my life… right?’

A dark being that is not from this world… Not from this story, grinned.

Well, then…

It appears fate has another plan for Rion.

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Eminence of the Antagonist (Webnovel)

Eminence of the Antagonist
Eminence of the Antagonist

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