How to study the bible effectively, 6 easy steps

how to study the bible effectively

In today’s daily bible study, we shall discuss six easy steps on how to study the bible effectively.

Achieving success in anything requires planning, and studying the bible is not exempted. To effectively study the bible and get the best out of your study requires planning. You must have a bible study plan to enable you have an effective bible study.

Below are six steps you can follow on how to study the bible effectively.

Step 1: Set aside a time of study

Step 2: Create a study environment for yourself.

Step 3: Study with a partner or as a group.

Step 4: Put all the materials you will need on your study table.

Step 5: Say a little prayer before starting your study

Step 6: Study diligently.

Step 1: Set aside a time of study.

It is obvious that we can study the bible anywhere we find ourselves, both it in a vehicle, at home, at school, in the office, etc., nevertheless, it is an ideal thing to set aside a time in the day or in the night when to study the bible. This will make studying the bible have a special place in our lives. Again, this will make our bible study a routine, which will in turn bring out effectiveness in our study. There are several benefits associated with setting aside a particular time for studying the bible. By setting aside a time to study the Bible, you will value what you are doing as meaningful and useful, you will make the time set aside count, by making sure you utilized the time judiciously, etc. setting aside a time to study the bible is a very effective way of studying the bible.

Step 2: Create a study environment for yourself.

If you can create for yourself a library where you study the bible, that will be better, if you already have a library that too is ok. If you really want to study the bible effectively, then create for yourself a conducive study environment, a serene environment is necessary to make you get the best out of your study. An environment that is devoid of noise and disturbances. If you can create such a calm environment for your secular study, then your bible study should not be any different. Having a conducive study environment will help you study effectively.

Step 3: Study with a partner or as a group

If you are a married man or woman, then do your best to study with your partner, growing your relationship with bible study is the best thing you can do for your marriage. Beautifying your marriage with the word of God is a sure way of having a peaceful home and a successful marriage. Then, if you have kids, studying the bible and praying with them is the best training you can offer them. Children that were trained through bible study and prayers are always excellent children. If you are single get yourself a study partner, maybe your sibling(s) or a friend(s). Studying in pairs or as a group helps a lot. You get encouraged, energized and enjoy studying when you study as group. No man is an island, there could be concepts which you do not understand clearly, but your partner understands it. Studying with a partner makes the act easy and fun. Do not allow unnecessary topics distract your attention while studying in pairs or as a group. Do not discuss irrelevant topics except it is necessary for the bible item you are studying. However, if you cannot get a partner to study with, do not worry, you can still study the bible effectively, alone and make the best out of it. But where you have the option of studying with a group or a partner, always go for it.

Step 4: Put all the materials you will need on your study table.

To avoid breaking your study sequence every now and then, get all the items you need readily available on your study table. Your water bottle, note, pen, study electronic devices, earphone, open the windows, shut the door if you have to, finish all your chores if you have to. Just make sure you have attended to anything that could distract you as you study, and take with you to the study table any item you think you will need for your study. Having all the items you need for your study on your study table will help remove distractions and enable you study effectively.

Step 5: Say a little prayer before starting your study

Before starting your study, always say a little prayer. Ask for divine strength and courage. Ask God for the perseverance spirit, and the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Prayer has a way of making everything easy. Some people find it difficult to understand and interpret what they study, but with prayers, God can make what seems difficult very easy, you only need to say just that simple prayer.

Step 6: Study diligently

Decide on a chapter you wish to study. Read the chapter from the beginning to the end. If the information in that chapter is part of the previous chapter, go back and start with the previous chapter. After reading the chapter the first time, you must have understood the theme of the chapter, then you begin to dissect the chapter into sections. You can compare the information you got in that chapter to a similar information in another chapter. Doing so will help you draw parallel and conclusions on certain topics. Develop insights from what you read and make notes. Use the internet to search for clarifications on certain concepts, but do not be carried away by the internet. Ask questions where you get confused and put whatever you’ve learned into practice.

Practice all theses steps and you will have an effective bible study. Bible study is a life time project, whatever you did not understand today, leave it for tomorrow, spend like 30 minutes to hour everyday or every two days, elongate the time as you grow in your bible study, do it consistently and you will be marveled by the result you will obtain.

May the Almighty God help you in this journey of learning His word. Amen.

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