How to be more Decisive in life

How to be more decisive in life

In today’s bible study, we will discuss a bible nugget titled, “How to be more Decisive in Life.” Sit back and read, for you will learn a life-transforming message from our bible study that will change your life for good.

In the previous episode of our daily bible nugget, we learned the need for us to always Own up to your Mistakes and Make things Right.

The bible nugget was gleaned from Pharaoh’s attitude when the plagues were unleashed in his country. Instead of Pharaoh accepting the fact that he has met a power mightier than him, and work on alleviating the discomfort and suffering caused to his people by the plagues, he rather, chose to compound the suffering by replicating the same plagues.

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In today’s episode of our daily bible nugget, we will discuss a very interesting topic, titled, “How to be more decisive in life.” This bible insight was garnered from Pharaoh’s behavior in the face of the plagues as well. Let us begin by narrating a bible passage.

Bible Study Passage

When Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh and warned him of the impending plague, pharaoh ignored their warnings and stood his ground to challenge them. It happened that once the plague starts tormenting Egypt, Pharaoh will summon Moses and Aaron and beg them to put an end to the plague, and then promises to let the Israelites go. But, once the plague has disappeared, pharaoh will change his decision, as if nothing ever happened. Then, he will once again decide not to let the Israelites go. This his change of decision will cause God to release another plague, and once the plague starts dealing with the Egyptians, Pharaoh will again ask for pardon, and make promises of freeing the Israelites, and, the moment he is given respite, he will change his decision.
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How to be more Decisive in Life

Many of us are like Pharaoh in this regard of not knowing how to be decisive in life. A lot of people find it very difficult to maintain their stand on a matter.

Some of us will resolve to quit certain habits like alcohol, drugs, and smoking; due to its consequences; but once it feels like we are out of the wood; we tend to go back to those things we disavowed. A lot of people find it very difficult to stick to their decision, and it is very clear that not being decisive is a very big problem we are facing in the society today.

Some people are afraid of what could be the consequences or their decision. Hence, they do not know how to be more decisive in life.

It is true that the future is unpredictable, and events can always turn round to take a different direction than we preplanned; it therefore calls for dynamism. Hence, you have to learn to be dynamic, so that, when your decision does not fall in line with your expectations, you can always adjust and flow accordingly.

The Need to be Decisive

To be more decisive in life is a character trait that cannot be overemphasized. You need to always take your stand in any matter and stand firm by your decision. Doing this will win you trust and respect. Also, it will boost your faith, because once you have taken your stand on any matter, you will have faith and you will believe in the success of your decision.

As a leader, if you do not know how to be more decisive, you will lose your honor before your subjects. I can bet that pharaoh’s subjects at some point, must lost faith in Pharaoh due to his indecisiveness.

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As a leader in any organization, or in the family, you need to be decisive, even if your decision turned out to be a failure, Own up to your Mistakes and Make things Right. But continue being decisive. Just make sure you don’t make hasty decisions when not necessary, take your time and ponder over a matter, then make a move, when you do that, do not waver, be resolute and stand by your decision.

Unless your decision has been observed to have unwarranted and unacceptable negative effects, if so, then you have to make some adjustments. However, as long as you have established reasonable and objective principles, make sure your new decisions do not deviate from them; but, be dynamic.

Child of God, do not be like pharaoh that is both stubborn and indecisive. Learn how to be more decisive and principled; because, doing so can attract respect and godliness. May God give us the wisdom, insight and understanding to always make the right decision at any moment in time. Amen.

10 steps and Tips to be more Decisive in Life

Step 1: Have in-dept understanding of the matter in Question

It is very easy to make a decision when you are well convinced about what you are deciding on. Commit some time and focus to understanding the dots and details of the matter. Break it down into details, understand the nitty-gritties and then you will be relaxed and confident to take the decision.

Step 2: Understand why you are hesitant in taking a decision

Sometimes, the reason behind your reluctance in making a decision is justifiable. You need to take care of that very thing. If it is your previous experience, then work on the action you took previously that ruined the show and then take the decision. Do your best to spot what exactly it is that is preventing you from taking the decision and sort it out.

Step 3: Be Dynamic

If you are not dynamic, you will find it difficult to take a decision when the rules of the game changes. It is difficult to embrace change. But if you do not have difficulties embracing change and adjusting to the new normal, then you will always find it very easy to take decisions.

Step 4: Keep track of your decision-making history

Since being decisive is your goal, then keep track of your success. Know if you are hitting the target or that, and do your best to live up to your expectation of yourself.

Step 5: Learn from successful people

Get yourself a role-model, the role model must be somebody who is known for being a principled and disciplined fellow when it comes to being decisive. Listen to motivational speakers on being decisive. It helps a lot. Just make sure you are persistent in learning and listening to motivational and inspirational speeches on decision-making.

Step 6: Prepare before-hand

If you know you will be expected to decide on a matter, then prepare on what to decide on before-hand. Don’t get their and start battling with your mind and spirit, be prepared, decide on what to say and how to say it, and be comfortable and convinced to keep and live up to that decision you will make. This too helps.

Step 7: Bluntly say “No”

When you are not sure about the decision and you are required to take the decision, then let your decision be a “NO”. In this kind of situation, be considerate of others, and then make a decision that will not be to the detriment of anyone.

Step 8: Remind yourself the reward awaiting you

Be positive and optimistic. In as much as things can go south, and some decisions might turn out unfavorable, yet, some decisions end with a fantastic result. Hence, whenever you are finding it difficult to take a decision, remind yourself of the things you will gain when things work out according to your decisions.

Step 9: Develop self-mastery over your thoughts

When you are afraid of what could be the outcome of your decision you will reluctant and hesitant in making decisions. Take your decision and move on. What will be will be.

Step 10: Do not stress yourself about people’s opinions about yourself

Sometimes why we find it difficult to make decisions is because we bother ourselves with what we think people might say, or how people might feel about our decisions. As long as you did not take a decision that will unjustly hurt someone else, then go ahead and make your decisions; you owe no one no apologies whatsoever.

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