Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow

Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow Summary

Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow – When the man in front of her tried to touch her hand, she instinctively took a step back from him—as she didn’t want him to get hurt. 

“Please don’t touch me for your sake,” she said to him. 

The man smiled a little and replied,” Don’t worry about me, Celestia! Nothing will happen to me.”

She was startled as he had called her by her actual name. She had kept her identity a secret—as no one is supposed to know who she really is. 

“How do you know my…. real name?” she asked him nervously. 

“I know everything about you, Celestia,” he said and moved near her. “I know you better than you know yourself—”

Her heart throbbed when his hand got near her skin. She thought that he would be thrown away from her and get severely injured—just like all the other men did.

But surprisingly, nothing happened to him when his sturdy hand clasped her pearly white fingers. With his other hand, he held her chin and fixed his alluring gaze on her. 

“How… How are you even able to touch me?” Celestia asked him. 

“Because you are mine—” he answered in a deep tone. “Others weren’t able to touch you—as you only belong to me—”

She winced slightly when he suddenly grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her closer to him. Then he leaned down and kissed her pale cheek. 

“Only I get to touch and kiss and make love to you! Because you are forever destined to live with me,” he whispered in her ear and made her shudder. 

He is feared by everyone else in her kingdom. His powers are infinite, and he can do things beyond other’s imagination. 

Even though everyone considers him dangerous, Celestia sees a different version of him. He is ruthless and cold to others—but whenever he sees her, he surrenders himself to her.

Despite the warnings of others, she finds herself slowly falling for him. Even after she becomes his lover, she is unable to predict his true nature.

What are his true motives? And what circumstances are forcing him to join hands with the dark side?

And why does he desire Celestia so much that he is willing to kill any man who even thinks of touching her?!

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Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow (Webnovel)

Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow
Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow

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