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Truth Lies Milady – Milady Sinclair is a famous prodigy of deduction and observation, who has been into crime investigation since she was 14. Hunted by creepy stalkers, psychopaths, serial killers and an anonymous genius she named Mr. X, Milady’s life could not have been any more exciting.

Milady just plays with fire like no one else-she came to Sylvan to investigate on the disappearance of Samantha Roberts, along with detective Michael. She befriends Samantha’s close relations. But when corpses started to appear in Sylvan, things just got a lot scarier for the peaceful townsfolk.

Despite all the life-threatening elements that came with her uncommon “hobby,” she faces the deadly music like a fearless daredevil. Add an overprotective detective, a serial killer running amok, the enigmatic Mr. X, and a mysterious hacker… well, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.

Love, hate and crime…

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Truth Lies Milady (Online)

Truth Lies Milady
Truth Lies Milady

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