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Home is Here – Parisa is a beautiful girl everyone wants, but no one loves.

Taken from her home when her parents sell her to a greedy baron with a love for all things beautiful, Parisa travels from the Kingdom of Tandelle to its neighbor and longtime enemy, Kurosu. With a life of servitude stretching before her, Parisa didn’t think things could get much worse until memories from her previously life begun haunting her dreams. Who was she before and what must she have done to end up in such a miserable life now? These questions plague her as she starts her life with the Baron who bought her and his sadistic family.

The situation escalates when a mysterious man, cold in appearance and masked in an atmosphere of death, shows up at the Baron’s residence seeking shelter. Whenever he’s around, Parisa is plagued with deja vu, but when he’s gone, she finds her thoughts constantly searching for him. To make matters worse, he seems to trigger Parisa’s memories of her previous life, forcing her into viewing them even as she’s awake.

As she performs her nightly duties and avoids the Baron’s family during the day, Parisa finds herself drawn to discovering the answers to her questions.

Who is this man and how is he connected to her previous life?

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Home is Here
Home is Here

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