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The Tyrant’s Accidental Consort is a 212 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Alancaster, which has gotten more than 761.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Tyrant’s Accidental Consort summary and more below.

The Tyrant’s Accidental Consort Summary

“It’s not the stars that hold my destiny, I do.”

Nesrin had lived a life which was never truly hers, she followed the path laid for her by others to fit in and to make everyone happy. She was a school prodigy, and pursued a career in the medical line as per her mother’s wish. But this kind of life was suffocating her, and so when her last day came there was no grief, but her heart was full of so many regrets.

Just when she thought everything would end, Nesrin found herself in the life of a character from her favorite novel. However, even in this world her fate was already decided. She has transmigrated inside a character that lives a short life and dies tragically.

This time she will not be bound by her destiny. She will pave her own path and live the life she has always dreamt of.

However, a life inside the palace is not as easy as it seems. This world of fantasy is much harsher than the world she came from. Can she really uphold her bold words?

“You are the worst” he whispered against her ear, “The worst kind of person who makes me feel so right, so out of control”

When she didn’t protest, he leaned in closer to her and touched her lips with his. That was all-just a touch, small, soft and teasing tempting touch. His gaze lifted to meet hers.

“But if I can see you like this…this look on your face as if you want it all. I don’t mind practicing a little control.”

Nesrin wanted to run away, he was like a fire that could devour her whole. She knew it would lead to no good endings, but a small part of her wanted to see how close she could get to this fire without burning.

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The Tyrant’s Accidental Consort (Webnovel)

The Tyrant's Accidental Consort
The Tyrant’s Accidental Consort

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