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My Naughty Princess Consort is a 31 Chapters Historical Romance novel by Ferryman, which has gotten more than 103.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read My Naughty Princess Consort summary and more below.

My Naughty Princess Consort Summary

Qian Jiujiu travelled back in time and woke up on the day of her wedding. She became the love child of a minister who grew up receiving no affection from her parents. At that point of time, her parents were forcing her to marry the Emperor’s favorite prince. Notwithstanding that, she showed absolutely no resentment!

She liked wealthy men, especially the prince!

The prince was a cripple? She loved cripples too, for they would always comply with her requests.

Thanks to her excellent medicine skills, she managed to heal his crippled limbs. However, the prince, whom she initially hoped to rely on, turned out to be a devious man!

And now, they will have to find out who’s the winner of this game…

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My Naughty Princess Consort (Webnovel)

Naughty Princess Consort
Naughty Princess Consort

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