The Shadow Lycan’s Rebirth

The Shadow Lycan’s Rebirth By The Shadow King

The Shadow Lycan’s Rebirth Summary

After daring to romantically pursue the Lightbringer god’s betrothed, Skotos; the god of darkness is robbed of his seat in the extant council and executed. The council used their affair as an excuse to kill Skotos because of their fear of his innate abilities, but his story wasn’t set to end yet. He couldn’t let go of Fotia even in death. He couldn’t live or rather die knowing she would be without him or he without her. So he made a deal with Hades and Loki. Hades was to release his soul from the underworld while Loki would be in charge of his return. In exchange for rebirth, Skotos was to relinquish his immortality and all claims to the dark throne. He agrees and is reincarnated as a mortal but Loki took more than just his longevity, he also took his memories and cursed him with Lycanthropy. Trapped in an unknown world without any memory of his life as a god and forced to attend Moonborn academy to save his life, he is thrust into an adventure for the discovery of love and a century-long struggle between the Moonborn Lycans; descendants of the original Therianthropes and Critineborn Lycans; artificial werewolves, who were humans before they were cursed by the Shadow King. Will Skotos be able to defeat the gods and their guard dogs while still trying to reforge a forgotten love or will he fail and be blinded by the light once again?

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The Shadow Lycan's Rebirth
The Shadow Lycan’s Rebirth

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