A Floating Flower

A Floating Flower By Potter

A Floating Flower Summary

There in the deep dark parts of the forest hid the brightest parts of the world. This shrub of a little girl, beatened and battered from her past, strides to become the better version of herself with not knowing much at all. She can’t remember much from her past but some flashes of blurriness. Her name is June. She has no one and hasn’t had anyone since she was 8. June never knew her parents or any part of her family. The flashes show people burning in the night of a full blood moon. There was shimmer coating everything inside the flames. Before she can remember anymore, her head starts pounding so hard to put her to sleep. From the day she found this part of the woods she has continued to grow her own world of gardens and houses by herself. She stays well away from any city noises or human tracks for twelve years now.

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A Floating Flower
A Floating Flower

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