The Hockey Star’s Remorse

“The Hockey Star’s Remorse” is a romance novel by Riley above story, where a night of passion between a nerd and a notorious bad boy leads to heartbreak. Years later, the bad boy, now a hockey star, publicly apologizes to her, sparking a social media frenzy and a second chance at love. Read The Hockey Star’s Remorse summary below.

The Hockey Star’s Remorse Summary

In “The Hockey Star’s Remorse” by Riley above story, Evie, a self-professed nerd, finds herself entangled in a night of passion with the notorious bad boy, only to discover later that it was all a game to him. He dared to take her virginity as part of a dare. Years pass, and Evie stumbles upon him again, now a rising star in the world of hockey, being interviewed on national television. When questioned about his perpetual singledom, he confesses that he is waiting for his girl to accept his apology. To Evie’s shock, he looks directly at the camera and says her name, expressing remorse: “Evie, I’m sorry.”

This unexpected apology sets off a chain of events. Within moments, #foundevie becomes a trending hashtag on social media, as the public becomes invested in the story of Evie and the hockey star. As Evie grapples with her past and the sudden attention, she must decide whether to confront the man who once hurt her and face the consequences of her decision. “The Hockey Star’s Remorse” is a gripping tale of love, forgiveness, and redemption, as two people are forced to confront their past and decide if they can find a future together.

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The Hockey Star's Remorse
The Hockey Star’s Remorse

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