I am the Luna

“I am the Luna” is a romance novel by Moonlight Muse that tells the story of Lauren, whose life is shattered when her mate leaves her for his fated mate. Alone and broken, she finds an unexpected ally in Alpha Sebastian, but their union is threatened by their pasts and the fiery passion between them. This book is a tale of love, betrayal, and the power of unexpected connections. Read I am the Luna summary below.

I am the Luna Summary

Lauren’s life takes a tumultuous turn when her chosen mate of ten years abandons her for his fated mate—a partner who had previously rejected him in favor of a more powerful alpha. With her return, everything is stripped away from Lauren, leaving her with nothing but heartache and betrayal. Overwhelmed by pain, she flees, unable to bear the weight of her shattered trust.

Yet fate intervenes, forcing her back into the fold. There, she discovers an unlikely ally in Alpha Sebastian—a man both feared and revered. A king without a throne, he rules over both the human and wolf worlds. To complicate matters further, he is her ex-mate’s nemesis. Their union is unconventional; he is too cold, and she is not his usual type. Love is not part of their agenda. So why does she feel a thrill when he calls her his own? And why does he gaze at her as if she holds the key to his salvation?

But their enemies are not their sole concern. The real danger lies in the fire that ignites between them—a blaze that could either consume them in love and passion or utterly destroy them.

Note: This book is a two-in-one tale:

  • Book 1: The Alpha and His Contract Luna
  • Book 2: The Alpha and His Chosen Mate
I am the Luna
I am the Luna

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