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The Evil Emperor’s Fragile Heart is a 322 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Jaywalker_Holmes, which has gotten more than 1.0 Million views on Webnovel. Read The Evil Emperor’s Fragile Heart summary and more below.

The Evil Emperor’s Fragile Heart Summary

Mana was a brilliant young lawyer working for the biggest international law firm in the world. With her prodigious talents, influential family and a perfect fiancé, her life was considered a dream come true…until a freak accident cost her everything. Or so she thought. After three years of being confined to a hospital bed, the man she had loved with all her heart told her about his betrayal as he slit her throat.

The next moment, Mana found herself in the body of a sickly ten-year-old princess of the same name, in a world she thought to be fictional. “The Legend of Mars” was an ancient epic chronicling the adventures of the divine King Mars and his virtuous wife, Queen Astra, and their triumph over the evil, half-demon emperor Raven. Princess Mana was the unfortunate half-sister of Princess Astra, who died at the age of ten…and somehow pulled in Mana’s soul.

And thus, Royal Princess Mana decided to make the best of her new chance at life and seek happiness. However, she soon found that what she had read in “The Legend of Mars” and the actual people she met were very different. Why was the divine child Mars an insufferable brat? Why was the virtuous Astra plotting nefarious schemes? Why did the brother of Mars look exactly like her traitorous fiancé of her previous life? And the meek little boy she accidentally rescued was actually the fearsome evil emperor …? But why on earth was he clinging to her and looking at her with puppy eyes?

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The Evil Emperor’s Fragile Heart (Webnovel)

The Evil Emperor's Fragile Heart
The Evil Emperor’s Fragile Heart

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