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The Daughter of Qye is a 71 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by roxane2361, which has gotten more than 369.9 Thousand views on Goodnovel. Read The Daughter of Qye summary and more below.

The Daughter of Qye Summary

“-that’s the only thing I could do, because I could never give you more”, Rydan continued, low enough to be heard only by her.
Elleryn nods her head, before answering in the same low voice intended only for him to hear.
“I know,” Elleryn takes a glance to her side and smiles up at him.
“because I could never ask for more,” she said.
The marriage between the Daughter of Qye and Crown Prince of Suttern needs to be fulfilled. It was all part of the deal the two countries had made a long time ago, in order for Qye to be saved from any possible threat of war, Suttern gained permission to keep the strongest creature under their shelter. The first daughter in each generation of Qye.
Love is not expected between the two. Especially, because the Crown Prince will have to find his mate someday.
But a heart is not something a Crown Prince could control

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The Daughter of Qye (Webnovel)

The Daughter of Qye
The Daughter of Qye

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