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The Emperor’s Daughter is a 499 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by YUNSUL, which has gotten more than 4.5 Million views on Webnovel. Read The Emperor’s Daughter summary and more below.

The Emperor’s Daughter Summary

I have come, I have been born, I have gone crazy.

This new life of mine with an impossibly long name, Ariadna Rerg Ilestri Frei Agrigent.

I was born into royalty but into jealousy and hatred due to the position of my father.

My father is a madman?

The tyrant who had climbed his way up to the top with blood and bones beneath his feet.

Can I survive with him as my father?

The Emperor is a very dangerous creature.

But he is still my father. Ai…

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The Emperor’s Daughter (Webnovel)

The Emperor's Daughter
The Emperor’s Daughter

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