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World After Worlds is a 453 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by RAN_BARBASA, which has gotten more than 1.0 Million views on Webnovel. Read World After Worlds summary and more below.

World After Worlds Summary

Her overactive imagination and poor lifestyle. Binge watched porn, dramas, and anime. Excessive indulgence in books, manga, Webtoon, WebComics, and Webnovels. Too much laziness and lack of sleep. Dehydration and unreasonable amount of junk food.

She never felt belonged in that world. Out of a sudden, she found herself alive on another person’s body.

So then she started leaping from one world to another, fulfilling the wishes of her new roles. Whether it would be salvation or retribution, she couldn’t care less. Well, as long as it is interesting, why not try?

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World After Worlds (Webnovel)

World After Worlds
World After Worlds

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