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The Dead Call Pdf is a Crime Mystery Thriller novel By J.M Dalgliesh.

The Dead Call Book Summary

When a woman’s body is found in the sea at Blakeney Point with a single blow to the head, DI Tom Janssen and his team must work out who wanted her dead and why? What would drive someone to murder an elderly woman in such a savage and callous manner?

A formidable woman, a Watcher of the local nature reserve, who dedicated her life to preserving her natural surroundings has made many friends along the way… and even more dangerous enemies. A veteran campaigner – just how did she manage to succeed against all the odds when facing those with far greater resources than her own.

Meanwhile, a man is found murdered in his kitchen showing no signs of having put up a fight. This second case brings murder a little too close to home for the entire team. Tom finds himself questioning the motives of those closest to him and he must face the uncomfortable reality that you never truly know those around you.The team must keep secrets from one another, straining their bonds of friendship in order to catch a ruthless killer before they are able to strike again…


About J.M Dalgliesh Author of The Dead Call Pdf Book

J.M Dalgliesh
J.M Dalgliesh

J.M Dalgliesh Author of The Dead Call Pdf is a bestselling British crime novelist. His first book, Divided House, was published in 2018 and was a runaway success topping the Amazon charts in both the UK, USA and Australia. To date, he has sold in excess of a million books across his Hidden Norfolk and Dark Yorkshire series with each book becoming bestsellers in their own right. The Hidden Norfolk books consistently hit the Amazon UK Top 10 and the most recent release, To Die For, was the second bestselling ebook in the UK in the week of publication.

Rapidly establishing himself as one of Amazon’s most read authors, the fifth book in the Hidden Norfolk series, Hear No Evil, was shortlisted for Amazon’s prestigious Kindle Storyteller Award in 2020. His books have been translated and are available across the world selling copies in sixty-eight countries to date. Work is underway to bring both series to the silver screen by a National Film Awards winning production team.

Born on the south coast of England, growing up in Hampshire, Jason has lived and worked abroad as well as in various parts of the country and in the Scottish Highlands. He currently lives in Norfolk with his wife and two young children. Penned in the style of crime thrillers with a touch of Scandinavian noir, Jason’s books will appeal to readers who enjoy dark atmospheric mysteries.

Readers can reach him via his website at or find him on Twitter and Facebook.

The Dead Call  pdf, Paperback, Hardcover Book Information

The Dead Call Pdf
The Dead Call Pdf

The Dead Call Book Reviews

Tom McGee


4.0 out of 5 stars The 6th of 7 in a Well-Written British Detective Crime Thriller. Enjoy!Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 25, 2021

Verified Purchase

“The Dead Call” is the sixth novel I have read in this series by J. M. Dalgliesh’s. This 435-page British crime novel, like the last, stars Deputy Chief Inspector Tamara Greave, Detective Inspector Tom Janssen, and young Eric Collet a Criminal Investigative Division (CID) Officer Detective Sergeant (DS) Cassie Knight in England to investigate and solve a mysterious murders.

This tale begins with the discovery of an elderly female body in an inlet in Norfolk. Shortly there after, the body of a male victim’s body is discovered in his home after bleeding out from stab wounds to the back and chest.

As the story develops the character Tom Janssen’s is blocked from the second case because the victim was the ex-husband of Tom’s live in girlfriend, Alice. Accordingly, he is assigned to the first murder case and given specific instructions to stay away from the second case and is encouraged to move out of Alice’s home.

Charlie Sack

4.0 out of 5 stars best thus far
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 9, 2022

Verified Purchase

The author strikes a fine balance among two ostensibly related cases, and a crisis at home—connected, as well, to one of them. I’m growing fond of all of the characters I’m meeting, book by book. Tom’s law-enforcement team, and those he loves. Refreshing to have a protagonist with humanly relatable issues, rather tha those predictably sophisticated, jaded, hard-living anti-heroes so common in so many “noir” mysteries.

Marianne OShields

5.0 out of 5 stars The Dead Call
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 12, 2022

Verified Purchase

This Norfolk Murder Mystery involves a prickly elder sister who has tunnel vision about bird and animal rights in her extensive property and ends up dead – murdered. It is a most complicated care because at the same time Tom Jannsen’s Alice loses her ex husband, also murdered. Tom has to recuse himself from this case and also has to part from Alice and her daughter. It develops that the two murders are connected and are solved.

R. W. Simmermon

5.0 out of 5 stars : Jason gets better and better
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 9, 2020

Verified Purchase

THE DEAD CALL is the latest offering of this very accomplished and talented writer of murder mysteries. The characters become more than print to me and come across as though talented professionals, real folks with common desire to succeed and at the same time do soid detective work. Also appealing is the clear respect and caring they have for each other. Also the reader is exposed to a lot of real life situations demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of the detectives and constable in the group. I have read every book in both series, have ordered the one to be released on April12, 2021. Both series have been excellent. I have read every offering from the beginning, over two or so years and am looking with great anticipation for the new book. I have read all of the reviews for going on three years. They become better and better with each volume. As bonus coupons I learn something about a business or government agency…in the instant case wind farming. Who knew? A bit of advice, if you don’t mind: you really need to get to know these folks. It all has not only an interest in the outcome, doing so allows you to know them. Don’t want give too much advice, BUT, begin at the beginning oh the series. Of course you could go back to the first Norfolk series. You wouldn’t be sorry.
The latest reviews have been very nice, hay they not? Jason Dalgliesh is a top flight mystery writer and as bonus coupons you get to learn stuff. Enjoy, All
Bill Simmermon Winter Park, FL, USA.

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