The Beauty of Living Twice Pdf Summary Reviews By Sharon Stone

The Beauty of Living Twice Pdf Summary

Sharon Stone, one of the most renowned actresses in the world, suffered a massive stroke that cost her not only her health, but her career, family, fortune, and global fame. In The Beauty of Living Twice, Stone chronicles her efforts to rebuild her life and writes about her slow road back to wholeness and health. In a business that doesn’t accept failure, in a world where too many voices are silenced, Stone found the power to return, the courage to speak up, and the will to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children around the globe.

Over the course of these intimate pages, as candid as a personal conversation, Stone talks about her pivotal roles, her life-changing friendships, her worst disappointments, and her greatest accomplishments. She reveals how she went from a childhood of trauma and violence to a career in an industry that in many ways echoed those same assaults, under cover of money and glamour. She describes the strength and meaning she found in her children, and in her humanitarian efforts. And ultimately, she shares how she fought her way back to find not only her truth, but her family’s reconciliation and love.

Stone made headlines not just for her beauty and her talent, but for her candor and her refusal to “play nice,” and it’s those same qualities that make this memoir so powerful. The Beauty of Living Twice is a book for the wounded and a book for the survivors; it’s a celebration of women’s strength and resilience, a reckoning, and a call to activism. It is proof that it’s never too late to raise your voice and speak out.


The Beauty of Living Twice Review

Brice Patrick Gorman

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved the book! Sharon Stone has literary talent
!Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2021

Verified Purchase

Had a major league crush on Sharon Stone since she kicked you-know-what in Total Recall. Whoa, she is a cutie! Whoa! Been a fan for decades, so was really looking forward to reading her memoir. It didn’t disappoint. This gal has literary talent. For freakin’ sure!

Do I recommend the book? Heck ya!

It starts off strong and bold, recalling a major medical emergency that nobody, especially someone in their early 40’s, should have to endure. I recalled when the media 20 years ago reported she had an injury, but when I heard I assumed she just bumped her head and had a concussion. As a huge fan, if I had known how serious the injury was I would have sent fan mail with a get well card. Who knew? She beat incredible odds and survived and, judging by her post-stroke work and this book, is thriving. I loved her in Catwoman and Cold Creek Manor, both films made soon after the medical emergency. She did great in both, exhibiting zero signs of a previous stroke.

After being a fan for decades, reading this book was quite interesting. But even if you’re not a fan, it’s still an interesting read. The topics are universal, and you can learn from her lessons. She’s very honest and frank, and she delves into some personal events in her life which surprised me.

It’s a great read, but there are a few chapters that are tough to read, especially if one is a fan. Not because of any flaw in her writing, but due to the subject matter. The chapter that speaks of her grandfather is one. I won’t tell by going into detail, people can read for themselves, but I certainly feel for Sharon Stone
having to endure that. My favorite movie of hers is The Quick and the Dead, and after reading that chapter I can say I will never look at the scene where she angrily flips that man’s chair back and has a duel in the rain in the same way again. Her anger in that scene was memorable, and after reading the book now I understand why.

A lot of humor in the book as well, there’s definitely a future novel potential for her. She writes in an excellent manner and most chapters are upbeat and a fun read. She has a great memory, is obviously gifted in intelligence (how else could she remember so much from when a small child?) and her descriptions and writing style keep the reader engaged.

Basically, what you have here is a well put together true story of one’s rise from the poverty of the hills (no, not Beverly Hills the Pennsylvania hills) to becoming a Hollywood superstar. And she did it through hard work, ability, talent and intelligence. She was working about a decade as an actress before her big break in Total Recall (a movie I love) and, to be honest, a lot of aspiring actresses who go to Hollywood probably would have quit after a few years if they didn’t find their fame and success. But Sharon Stone stuck with it (for ten freakin’ years!) and, truth is, if there is one lesson we can learn from this book it is about focus and perseverance. There’s nothing easy about finding success in one of the most competitive occupations on earth. Acting! Imagine going on a few auditions against dozens (or maybe hundreds) of other beautiful actresses knowing there is only one part. Now imagine doing that for a decade! I can’t think of any other industry as competitive on this planet. Give her credit for sticking with it. Talk about determination.

She writes of her famous scene in Basic Instinct, and maybe she has regrets or second thoughts about
doing the scene? I can’t say, I don’t know, but I will say this. If you took a poll of 100 famous actresses in Hollywood and ask if any had done scenes early on in their career which they regretted, my guess is 95 out of 100 would say yes. The sad thing is, and what makes Sharon Stone’s situation a little different, is that she’s done so much for charity causes and been nominated for many awards and done so many cool
movie roles, but it seems on many talk shows the host (usually a male) brings up the old “most paused scene” in history. I think she’s done enough wonderful things and had an interesting enough life that for future talk show appearances, can we stop bringing up one scene in an awesome lengthy career? And I doubt if a male actor with a long legacy of film success had done a scene that showed a lot, I doubt the subject would be brought up over and over and over in interviews. My gosh, talk about her charity support, talk about her Oscar nomination. She deserves respect.

Sharon Stone has recently spoken about being, in some people’s view in Hollywood, “difficult” to work with. I doubt she is difficult. I think she’s smart. It’s mentioned in the book, she skipped grades in elementary and was enrolled in college courses at age 15! Yes, age 15 taking college courses. This tells me she is probably one of the smartest people in Hollywood. Genius i.q.? I wouldn’t doubt it. I doubt she is difficult, I suspect she is just so smart she can see a mile away when someone is trying to manipulate her, or trick her in some way. She can probably spot liars and creeps easily, and she is smart and knows how to handle herself and is a strong woman who isn’t pushed around or fooled. And some probably see that as being difficult, but it’s not it’s being smart. She’s not a push-over and good for her being a strong woman. Is she tough? Maybe. I don’t know, but I think one has to be tough to make it to the top and stay at the top in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone mentioned in the book at an award’s ceremony after she was nominated for Basic Instinct, some in the crowd laughed when her name was read. This woman put a decade of hard work into reaching that high point of being nominated and that role, so I can understand her anger and insult. She paid her dues through hard work and a decade of waiting and auditions. That was over 25 years ago, my question for those laughing hyenas at the awards show is what have they accomplished in the last 25 years? Sharon Stone’s raised money for charities, won awards, been Oscar-nominated, written a best selling memoir and let’s not forget her name’s so big and famous, she will be remembered in the year 2300. What have those laughing hyenas who giggled at her expense accomplished in the past quarter of a century? Seems like Sharon Stone left them in the dust. If they have any decency, and if they remember laughing and disrespecting her, it’s time for them to get off their high horse and put pen to paper and issue a formal apology.

It’s not easy being world famous. The book give some examples and some true stories about the difficulties of fame. I think — just my opinion for what’s that’s worth — being an actor is most difficult when one is either an unknown struggling for jobs or a superstar. The unknown must struggle to make bank and put food on the table. And the superstar has it just as tough. Imagine being so famous, as Sharon Stone is, that everywhere you go in public camera flashes are going off. Imagine reading half-truths in publications. The gossip! It’s tough for super famous people to have relationships, and even friendships can be tough because how do you know if your friend is being nice to you just as a friend or if it’s because of the fame? Who can you trust? Imagine being so famous that everywhere you go and everything you do is being photographed or watched by fans. People begging for an autograph. The security hassles and expenses. Movie stars always have to be in top shape, looking fabulous, if they gain a few pounds or if 1 photo out of 75 taken is not flattering that can end up in the press. A movie star can’t slip on a pair of bluejeans and run out late at night without makeup to pick up a gallon of milk. Instead, they must always be beautiful, well dressed in public, and they can never complain about their lives because most won’t understand, because they’ll think “what is she complaining about, she is rich and famous.” It’s a tough life and you can’t try on a career as a superstar and if you don’t like it, stop the lifestyle. You can’t quit fame. That’s the most difficult thing of all, you can’t know what it’s like to be world famous until you are world famous, and then there’s no going back. Once you are famous
you are famous. There’s a no return policy. So it’s an interesting read because you are reading about
a lifestyle that few will ever obtain / experience.

Lingering questions after reading the book? Just one. Who did the aftershave smell belong to? Was that mystery ever solved?

I sense (just my own impression) that Sharon Stone thinks people remember her mostly for her scene in Basic Instinct. But I think now she’s done so many other great movies and roles, and her charitable works, I believe most people think of her as a great actress. Marilyn Monroe did a racy scene in a movie
where she let a subway breeze lift up her skirt, and yeah people remember that scene, but I think most people remember Marilyn Monroe for her beauty and her status as a superstar on the silver screen. And I think that is how Sharon Stone will be remembered for her superstar status and as a beautiful actress, not for one scene in one movie. She’s so much more than that.

Most surprising thing that I read? Aside from her eating deer meat when young and how serious the brain injury was, I think what surprised me most of all was I always thought from age 18 she set out to be a
model and just sort of happened into acting and found she liked it. But apparently her goal from age 18 onward was to be a professional actor, and she immediately went Hollywood and took acting classes and everything. I never knew that. I thought her goal was modeling. I also found it interesting that she seems to have a talent for selecting future superstars to be in some movies she produces. She fought to cast
Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe before they were super famous, and this might have helped
them go on to become super famous.

What would make the book better? Larger type face (larger letters) I am age 54, so my reading vision is not what it used to be. I would have liked to have read a few more stories from behind the scenes of making movies. Maybe some stories on which movies were her favorites and why. Maybe more information on her favorite roles she played would have been nice. And she speaks often of her childhood in rural Pennsylvania, but there weren’t any photos of the area she grew up in or her childhood home. I would have liked to see some photos in the book of the farm she grew up on.

I hope she does a book signing tour someday in the Miami-Fort-Lauderdale-Palm Beach area where I am, although in the future I’m considering moving to someplace else with greener pastures as South Florida’s getting a little too hot and crowded. Would love her to autograph my book. She’s very observant of her surroundings and seems to be a people watcher, plus has some writing and creative talent and a great sense of humor so I think she could deliver a good novel. I sense she has literary talent.

Personal note to Sharon Stone if she reads this review. I’m so sorry to read about your medical emergency two decades ago. You are so brave to handle such a crisis and I wish you great health for years to come. What a cutie!


5.0 out of 5 stars Read or listen to this from beginning to end, ASAP
!Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2021

Verified Purchase

Sharon Stone, one our country’s greatest intellectuals, philanthropists, Artists and Teachers, has written a deeply personal and vulnerable Masterpiece on Living. I wanted to read The Beauty of Living Twice, the first day of its release. Amazon didn’t deliver on time, so, I got right into the audio book until the printed version arrived. The audio book is narrated by Sharon and is, in itself, a Master Class on our long tradition of oral storytelling.

The book hit me at my core, as I was confronted with my own truth and my own feelings of wanting to fit in, while maintaining my own humanity. The book is helping me to embrace the misfit inside of me, and questioning personas I might have unwittingly created for myself in order to fit in.

Her nostalgia for her complicated childhood is as Irish as it comes. Layering pain with the levity of comedy and hope is how we Irish get through life with our chins and our heads up. And, when we get kicked down, we get up, brush ourselves off and look for ways to find the comedy in it all. What’s different, here, from the typical Irish approach, is that Sharon confronts the ugly head-on. To “erase” the pain, most of us block out the deeply ugly and transform the horror on the surface into comedic stories we tell at every party. Much respect to Sharon for rejecting that approach in her journey to relentlessly peel back the layers to discover and embody her whole self.

With respect to Ms. Stone’s literary approach, this memoir is as generous as it comes. It is perfectly woven with the best of the Hollywood memoirs, even as it steers far from the limitations of that genre. She really went for it, as fearlessly as any celebrity would even consider. She’s a Toal badass.

One can imagine a title: Living, in Spite of it All. Most of us would have given up on life. It’s a testament to Ms. Stone’s determination to live and to achieve herself. Please give this book a read and read bravely.


4.0 out of 5 stars Thoughtful and frank but not enough movie revelations.
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 7, 2021

Verified Purchase

I had no idea about Sharon Stones near death experience and her recovery process kept me engaged: I was hoping to read more about her film career and associated behind the scenes interaction with fellow co stars and there are short interesting segments about Total Recall, Casino and Basic Instinct, but I really would have liked more along these lines. There’s allot about her making peace with her demons and reassessing her life goals and her commendable charity work. It’s certainly candid and shows how the Hollywood movie machine expected attractive females to look good and improve on screen chemistry with male leads by sleeping with them. Sharon clearly didn’t tow the line in this respect and kept her integrity and thus earned the label of being difficult by the male dominated movie business at the time. All in all I would have preferred more movie anecdotes but I can understand how she was trying to focus more on the second chapter of life and how it enabled her to establish a new connection with her mother, her life and her inner self.

About Sharon Stone Author of The Beauty of Living Twice Pdf Book

sharon stone
sharon stone

Sharon Vonne Stone (born March 10, 1958) Author of The Beauty of Living Twice Pdf Book is an American actress. Known for primarily playing femme fatales and women of mystery on film and television, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1990s. She is the recipient of various accolades, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a nomination for an Academy Award. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995 and was named Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters in France in 2005 (Commander in 2021).

After modeling in television commercials and print advertisements, Stone made her film debut as an extra in Woody Allen’s dramedy Stardust Memories (1980) and played her first speaking part in Wes Craven’s horror film Deadly Blessing (1981). In the 1980s, she appeared in such pictures as Irreconcilable Differences (1984), King Solomon’s Mines (1985), Cold Steel (1987), and Above the Law (1988). She had a breakthrough with her part in Paul Verhoeven’s science fiction action film Total Recall (1990), before rising to international recognition when she portrayed Catherine Tramell in another Verhoeven film, the erotic thriller Basic Instinct (1992), for which she earned her first Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

Stone’s performance as a trophy wife in Martin Scorsese’s epic crime drama Casino (1995) earned her the best reviews of her career, the Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Her other notable films include Sliver (1993), The Specialist (1994), The Quick and the Dead (1995), Sphere (1998), The Mighty (1998), The Muse (1999), Catwoman (2004), Broken Flowers (2005), Alpha Dog (2006), Bobby (2006), Lovelace (2013), Fading Gigolo (2013), The Disaster Artist (2017), Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (2019), and The Laundromat (2019).

On television, Stone has had leading and supporting roles in productions such as the ABC miniseries War and Remembrance (1987), the HBO television film If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000), Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic (2017) and Ryan Murphy’s Ratched (2020). She made guest appearances in The Practice (2004) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2010), winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for the former.

The Beauty of Living Twice Pdf, Paperback, Hardcover Book Information

The Beauty of Living Twice pdf books
The Beauty of Living Twice pdf books
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Knopf; 1st edition (March 30, 2021)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0525656766
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0525656760
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  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.98 x 1.12 x 8.52 inches
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