The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Pdf Summary Review By Hilary Mantel

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Pdf Summary

Hilary Mantel is one of Britain’s most accomplished and acclaimed writers. In these ten bracingly transgressive tales, all her gifts of characterization and observation are fully engaged, ushering concealed horrors into the light. Childhood cruelty is played out behind the bushes in ‘Comma’; nurses clash in ‘Harley Street’ over something more than professional differences; and in the title story, staying in for the plumber turns into an ambiguous and potentially deadly waiting game.

Whether set in a claustrophobic Saudi Arabian flat or on a precarious mountain road on a Greek island, these stories share an insight into the darkest recesses of the spirit. Displaying all of Mantel’s unmistakable style and wit, they reveal a great writer at the peak of her powers.


The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Review


4.0 out of 5 stars DARK AND COMPELLING
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 21, 2018

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A collection of dark, compelling short stories some sordid and foreboding. Sometimes her caustic sense of humor burns through. After devouring each delicious morsel, readers want to know more – but maybe that’s the art of short story telling.

“Sorry to Disturb”. The life of a married woman in Saudi Arabia. Mantel was herself, lived in that country for a time with her husband who was working there. Well told, but depressing.

“Comma”: Two lower working class girls growing up – bizarre little story. Perhaps some of it may have come from circumstances in Mantel’s childhood.

“The Long QT”. A sexy little story of a suburban couple and what happens when a husband messes around— sometimes a bit of groping and slap and tickle can lead to untimely death.

“Winter Break”. A clever little tale about a couple who go to the continent for a short holiday. A mishap occurs during the long drive to their hotel when something is killed by their taxi cab. The unfriendly driver puts the roadkill in the trunk. Readers don’t learn seriousness of the accident until after the couple have arrived at their hotel.

“Harley Street” is the story of a person who works in the reception of a doctor’s practice complete with lab for taking blood samples etc. Hilary describes the lives of those who work there, covering their human foibles in depth.

“Offense Against the Person”. A tale of a girl preparing for college. Her father, a lawyer, is having an affair with his young secretary. There are various seedy scenes after the complications of her father’s behavior—a common tale perhaps.

“How shall I know you?” A day in the life of an author. She is invited to give a talk to a literary group. Her hotel accommodation is less than desirable and seedy. Was this based on experiences from from Mantel’s early days? There must be many authors who can relate to this short uncomfortable piece.

“The Heart Fails Without Warning”. Two sisters growing up. One has anorexia and the story revolves around that. Depressing.

“Terminus”. A girl thinks she’s sees the ghost of her father on a train. Beautifully written.

“The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher”. A sinister piece beautifully written in her usual descriptive prose. An IRA man is bent on revenge of his terrorist mates who’d starved themselves to death.

Hurry up Ms. Mantel and write the third part of the Cromwell trilogy! No, shush! Shush! I shouldn’t say that; might disturb your train of thought. We’ll let you plan the demise of some other famous person whom you probably found equally distasteful. We’ll tiptoe out and leave you to it, gazing from your Devonshire window overlooking the sea 

James B.Top Contributor: Batman

3.0 out of 5 stars Much ado about nothing.
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 16, 2015

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The best word to describe this collection of short stories is ‘overrated’. Hilary Mantel can clearly write good prose, but most of the stories in this book feel incomplete.

Most of these stories are too fast paced and too short to really make the characters feel like real people I can get invested in. You can kind of see what the author is going for with the effect, but it just lacks the heft you want from a story because you don’t care about anyone in them. The two stories narrated by children ‘comma’ and ‘the heart fails without warning’ get this even harder, because Mantel’s narration does not sound anything like how children talk, making it even harder to care about them.

The title story was the only completely enjoyable one, mainly because it was at least twice as long as the others. The rest are just moderately entertaining that really didn’t deserve to get on so many best seller lists.

R. J. Ellis

5.0 out of 5 stars Writing and reading at its best
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 29, 2014

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This is one of the best book of short stories I have read in some time. Mantel’s usual sense of sly humor is in full play, but so is her ability to create fear and tension while bringing a story to its logical or illogical conclusion. All the stories are fine, but the title story is a winner throughout that keeps you guessing, smiling and feeling like a helpless duct-taped observer in an about-to-happen crime scene. Another gem is “Terminus,” a story that is at once mystical and haunting. All of Mantel’s stories in this collection take readers for a good ride, but “Terminus” takes the reader to a destination that can only be reached once in a lifetime. This collection is writing and reading at its best.

albionphotoTop Contributor: Anime


4.0 out of 5 stars Dark and slightly ghoulish modern short stories.
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 14, 2015

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I was a little bit chary of reading another book by Ms Mantel. I have read Wolf Hall and whilst I loved the impeccable research I found the style irritating (he said). I heard Ms. Mantel on BBC Radio 4’s “Start the Week” and was sufficiently intrigued to buy the book. What a pleasant surprise. This book is full of short stories. A couple of them passed me by but the majority are dark and full of suspense. The writing is superb and there are sufficient plot twists even in the few short pages of each story to keep you reading avidly. A dark, occasionally ghoulish set of short stories and a fine body of work.

Nev harvey

4.0 out of 5 stars Compelling cerebral reading which somehow keeps one on the page.Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on December 16, 2018

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Perhaps because of the time and work effort taken to produce, reading is a dense experience, incredibly leavening the reader with collective memories hard to assimilate – yet Mantel draws you on.

About Hilary Mantel Author of The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Pdf Book

Hilary Mantel
Hilary Mantel

Hilary Mantel the Author of The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Pdf Book was the bestselling author of many novels including Wolf Hall, which won the Man Booker Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. Bring Up the Bodies, Book Two of the Wolf Hall Trilogy, was also awarded the Man Booker Prize and the Costa Book Award. She also wrote A Change of ClimateA Place of Greater SafetyEight Months on Ghazzah StreetAn Experiment in LoveThe GiantO’BrienFluddBeyond BlackEvery Day Is Mother’s DayVacant Possession, and a memoir, Giving Up the Ghost. Mantel was the winner of the Hawthornden Prize, and her reviews and essays have appeared in The New York TimesThe New York Review of Books, and the London Review of Books.

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The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher pdf books
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher pdf books
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