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Sons of Skanderbeg is a 10 Chapters History novel by artsaguinsin, which has gotten more than 166.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Sons of Skanderbeg summary and more below.

Sons of Skanderbeg Summary

The Sons Of Skanderbeg is an epic-drama, espionage, suspense, and historically accounted for where significant events, places and names in world history are involved. The story narrates and describes the stunning and horrendous war crimes committed during World War II. Although fiction, the story may be one aspect of war survival that involves the scenes of espionage and daring escapes portrayed by the main character of the story. It tells about an organized resistance movement of German officers with Jewish roots from Albania who are deployed to different Nazi-occupied European countries to assassinate key Nazi officers including Hitler and neutralize German military offensive in strategic areas of occupied territories. The leading surviving characters Jora, her husband and Qamil, an army make their daring escape from Czechoslovakia to Italy by train to reach Albania. In the end, Jora’s husband in his struggle against the German Gestapo in the train is killed. Jora is left pregnant and is cradled by Qamil to the end. Exploring and struggling each intrepid circumstance around the enemy lines, the option is to escape or die upon fulfilling their mission after which they have to get to Albania to live a lesser Jewish persecution and fight with the mother movement based on the land for an absolute freedom.

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Sons of Skanderbeg (Webnovel)

Sons of Skanderbeg
Sons of Skanderbeg

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