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Son of The Mafia Boss is a 25 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by  jengreyy, which has gotten more than 12.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Son of The Mafia Boss summary and more below.

Son of The Mafia Boss Summary

Axel grew up in the slums of Manila with his unmarried mother who previously works as an entertainer in Italy. He have no idea who his father was until one day, strange men came to their home and took them away.

His Mom then revealed that his Dad is a Mafia leader who had once ruled the Italy, and Giovann is his uncle. His life then changes, he is trained and guided by his so called uncle. But being in the mafia comes with a price. His mother is killed by their enemies, leaving him with a heavy heart. Later on he discovers that his Dad is just in the Phillippines living a normal life with a family of his own.

So he goes back to see him. But unexpectedly he meet a woman who would turn his life around.

“And how do i get compensated for this inconvenience?

The man spoke, his eyes sparked in amusement. His deep masculine voice turned husky making her defenses weak.

“Please excuse me sir..

Another slight turbulence disturbed them both. The hands that Red placed on both side of his head loosened and then she closed her eyes. Axel moves his hand to the back of her head gently pulling her closer towards him and before she knew it, her lips landed on top of his.

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Son of The Mafia Boss (Webnovel)

Son of The Mafia Boss
Son of The Mafia Boss

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