Lycan Pleasure

Lycan Pleasure by Inspiredwriter is a werewolf romance novel that dives deep into the primal desires and untamed instincts of its characters. When Cullen, a powerful lycan, encounters an enigmatic female whose scent defies all known boundaries, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. As he battles his wolf’s surging desire and the mystery of her identity, the tension between them becomes a captivating dance of passion and control. This novel promises an electrifying journey of forbidden attraction and raw emotion, where the lines between human, lycan, and something otherworldly blur in the heat of their encounter.

Lycan Pleasure Summary

The moment Cullen caught the scent of her arousal, he felt his wolf surge with an intensity he had never experienced before. No battle or woman had ever summoned his spirit like this enigmatic female standing proudly before him. Her presence challenged him, drew him in, and made him want her more than anything else in the world at that moment.

Her scent was unlike anything he had encountered. It wasn’t lycan, yet it wasn’t completely human either. Cullen found himself perplexed and intrigued. Could he be so powerfully drawn to something that was neither human nor lycan? He wondered if she might be fey or a druid, but even those scents were familiar to him. This was something entirely new and it captivated him deeply.

As his wolf began to take control, Cullen struggled to pull himself back, forcing his hand away from her and stepping back. Only then did he realize his eyes had shifted. She stood there, staring, her arousal palpable, her heartbeat thudding in time with his own. The stirring in his pants told him things had gone too far, and despite his brain’s warning, “You don’t even know what she is,” his heart, soul, and wolf were all screaming, “Take her.”

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Lycan Pleasure
Lycan Pleasure

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