Fated To My Sister’s Chosen

“Fated To My Sister’s Chosen” is a werewolf romance novel that delves into the depths of sacrifice, betrayal, and forbidden love. It follows Emilia, a young werewolf forced by her manipulative family to conceal her true identity from her destined mate, Alexander, so her twin sister can take her place as Luna. Seven years later, Emilia must confront the painful past and reclaim what is hers, navigating the treacherous path of truth and redemption. This gripping tale is a heart-wrenching journey of love, loss, and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

Fated To My Sister’s Chosen Summary

Emilia’s life has been a relentless struggle against the expectations and manipulations of her family. For years, she endured their taunts and coercion, forcing her to conceal her true identity and scent from her destined mate, Alexander, the alpha. Her parents insisted that she wasn’t fit to be a Luna and demanded she make the ultimate sacrifice for her twin sister, who was to take her place. Emilia’s daily existence became a torment as the mate bond caused her constant pain, weakening her to the point where she lost her wolf. Her siblings were indifferent to her suffering, and her parents stood by, cold and uncaring as her heart bled.

Desperate to escape this unbearable reality, Emilia ran away, leaving everything behind. For seven long years, she lived in the shadows, haunted by the betrayal she was forced to commit against Alexander. But fate is not so easily escaped. Now, circumstances have brought her back, face-to-face with the mate she left behind. Alexander, unaware of the truth and the depth of her betrayal, is once again in her life. Emilia is torn between reclaiming what is rightfully hers and the fear of the truth coming to light. As she grapples with her past and her future, she must find a way to keep her mate, even as the secrets threaten to destroy everything.

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Fated To My Sister's Chosen
Fated To My Sister’s Chosen

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