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Judas Kiss is a 93 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Antonette Liebermann, which has gotten more than 487.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Judas Kiss summary and more below.

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One day she had been moaning and squirming under her husbands chest as he made love to her every chance he got. The next thing he was telling her that he didn’t love her. The press wrote all sorts of stories about how she cheated with Andre’s business partners. Jeanine (Andre’s mother) had thrown her out like a dog. It all seemed like a life time ago but she learnt to forgive and move on. She didn’t have any grudge against them. Everything happened for a reason and maybe this was her fate. She just wanted to give her son the best life she could possible.

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Judas Kiss (Webnovel)

Judas Kiss
Judas Kiss

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