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Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO is a 142 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by MaylisaAzhura, which has gotten more than 846.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO summary and more below.

Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO Summary

“Then what easy job will you be able to pay me thousands of dollars?” asked Daniel curiously.
“The job I offer you is …,” Bianca paused, her body leaning forward to get closer to Daniel.
“Impregnate me …” Bianca’s words were like the cold aura from the South Pole freezing Daniel’s body. Daniel froze in silence in his place.
“What?” said Daniel, his eyes bulging in disbelief.
“Impregnate you?”
“Gosh, that means me and … y-you ..!” shouted Daniel in frustration and stared at Bianca in disbelief at his own words. Even Daniel was unable to continue his sentence.
“Yes, we sleep together. We have sex,” Bianca replied frontally without a hitch.

Bianca Henderson, a cold stubborn girl who hates men very much. The one who earned the nickname Beautiful Ice CEO met Daniel in a small accident. And she unexpectedly offers Daniel a crazy job. The girl asked Daniel to impregnate her.

Daniel Kendrick, a college student who has bad luck gets to deal with Bianca. He couldn’t escape the woman’s crazy offer when he was faced with another difficult choice. At first he hates her, but everything changes when he finds out the reason behind Bianca’s cold and cruel nature. Makes him determined to change the girl and melting her ice heart.

Annastasia Henderson, Bianca’s step sister who is very greedy for wealth. She is ambitious and intends to destroy Bianca. She hooks William Zandrov as her boyfriend to smooth all her evil plans.

What is the reason for Bianca to hire Daniel? Why is she so ambitious to have children as soon as possible? Can Daniel change the character of Ice CEO Bianca? Is her father willing to accept Bianca’s child, who is actually a child outside of marriage? What will Anna do to destroy Bianca and the baby? Can Bianca survive to keep her baby?

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Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO (Webnovel)

Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO
Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO

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