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I RE-LIVE TO RULE – How will you respond if someone tells you that everything that happens to you is predetermined and referred to as “Fate,” and that you are nothing more than a pawn of God’s will?

God has written your fate on your forehead, and you have no free will

That too, in this modern world where the world is driven by science and technology?

“Just get the hell out of here, man,” you’d reply. “I don’t have time to listen to your bullshit.”

Then what will you do, when the things you pushed as bullshit become reality and you realized that you are just a pawn in God’s play?

You were cursed with a dreadful fate, lived a lonely and wretched life, and eventually, your life ended on a tragic note.

What will you do if the God who sentenced you to this pathetic fate grants you another chance to live in a world that isn’t yours?

Would you be willing to accept it?

“Haha, who wouldn’t? “

But there seems to be a problem that I’m not the protagonist or have any extraordinary abilities. Like in my past world a normal outcast extra out there in a bunch.

“Tsk, This is going to be a problem.”

However, it is worthwhile to attempt to make the most of this new life.

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