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The Other Luna Summary

The Other Luna – Clarisse was betrayed and dethroned as the pack’s Luna!

Everything went downhill for Clarisse the moment her husband’s Fated Mate arrived at their doorsteps. Dethroned from her position and poisoned to death, she was curiously reborn weeks earlier from her demise. Vowing to never make the same mistakes again, she made up her mind to divorce her husband and seek help.

Luke Morgenstein, the Crown Prince she didn’t plan to team up with, was an enigma. He ignored her at first, then decided to help but insulted her. To add confusion to the problem, he even kissed her at their first meeting! The insult and the kiss didn’t bother her much, but why did her heart seem to explode every time she thought of him?

Clarisse couldn’t get a hold of what Luke truly wanted with her, but his help was essential for her plans to move forward. She had no choice but to play along, for she planned to rise and defeat the other Luna that invaded her beloved pack— by becoming an Alpha herself!


“Who might you be and why are you here?”

Clarisse did her best not to roll her eyes and said, “You called for me, Your Highness. Konrard said you changed your mind and decided to help?”

“Clarisse Howlet?”

“Yes,” she replied with her head bowed down. “Would you need any more assistance?”

Luke shook his head and mumbled, “You smell…”

“I what?!”

Clarisse couldn’t believe he would insult her like that. She was wearing her most expensive designer perfume. She took hygiene with utmost diligence!

The Crown Prince stood up from his hunched position and Clarisse yelped in surprise. Why was he butt naked underneath the blanket? Was he jerking off while he suddenly went into the rut phase?

In a flash of seconds, Clarisse felt warm lips crash into hers.

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The Other Luna (Webnovel)

The Other Luna
The Other Luna

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