How to get closer to God, 6 easy steps

how to get closer to god

In today’s daily bible nugget, you will learn six easy steps, how to get closer to God.

You were created in the image of God. A part of you always yearns to reconnect back to its source. your soul longs for its creator. There comes a time in your live when you feel the urge to reconnect back to God. To some, this is an easy task, while to others it is not. Enumerated below, are six easy steps you can follow to draw closer to God.

Six easy steps on how to get closer to God

Step 1: Take some time and pray

Step Two: Study your bible

Step 3: Sing songs of worship and praises

Step 4: Meditate

Step 5: Visit the house of God

Step 6: Live according to God’s commands  

Step one: Take some time and pray

If you have worries and you pray, there is this feeling of having the burden removed that you will have after praying. Prayer is one of the channels through which we can communicate with God. You can get closer to God by praying. God is always ready to hear your prayers, that you are praying means you are having some special time with God. Doing this very often will create some kind of connection that will always gladden your heart. Once you establish that praying habit, any day you failed to pray, you will feel like you have missed doing something very important. This shows that your relationship with God has grown stronger, healthier and better.

Step Two: Study your bible

If praying is a way of talking to God, then studying the scriptures is a way God talks to us. As you silently read the bible, the sound of the words in the book resonates in your mind, as if God Himself is speaking to you through those words. Studying the bible goes a long way to help us establish a divine connection with God. Your relationship with God can get better and sweeter if you cultivate the habit of studying the scriptures.  Hearing the word of God from the bible has a way of helping one build a better relationship with God. The more you learn from the word of God the more you get attached to the things of God, and that is how you gradually get closer and closer to God.

Step three: Sing songs of worship and praises

There is this consciousness tune-up and spiritual elevation you get when you sing praises to God. There are a lot of worship songs out there you can pick up sing. While driving, you can have a collection of them which you can play and use them to keep yourself spiritually agile and connected to God. When you don’t know what to pray, just sing songs, it has a way of fine-tuning your spirit to focus and commune with God.

Step four: Meditate

You don’t necessarily need to go to the mountains nor become a shaolin monk before you can meditate. Meditation sometimes goes alongside praying and studying the scriptures. Meditation entails thinking deeper and trying to find out deeper meaning in something. When you try to ask deep questions about creation and existence, when you try to reason to understand the purpose of your life, chances are that you will be getting inspirations as a result of your inquiry, such divine inspirations are also the ways God communicates with us. Being lucky enough to get such divine meditative inspiration can be a sign of divine ministration. It is only by getting closer to God that one can get such inspirations. Meditation goes a long way to open doors of connection between us and the divine.

Step five: Visit the house of God

There is this feeling of tranquility and serenity you will get when you go the house of God. Sometimes we have this direct feeling of the divine presence as we walk into the house of God. Truly, visiting the house of God can give us a direct sense of getting closer to God, especially doing so when the place is empty. Having a quiet time with God in the place of worship, reading and meditating can help us get closer to God.

Step six: Live according to God’s commands         

You can get closer to God by keeping His laws and ordinances. Yes! That is another sure way of getting closer to God. When you do what God commanded in the bible, He will be pleased with you, He will draw closer to you. He will love you and blesse you. Just like a father loves his child that obeys him. God too loves His children that obey Him. Living a life according to the precepts of God is an assured way to get closer to God.

How to get closer to God Following a biblical figure

Looking at these six steps listed above through which one can get closer to God, we can attest that the man after God’s own heart in the scriptures followed the same steps. King David in the bible Prayed, studied the Torah (the word of God), sang songs of praises and worship to God, meditated, worshiped in the house God and kept the laws of God. All these he did enabled him attain his level of getting closer to God. So, if you wish to get closer to God, then follow these six steps and see how your relationship with God grows beyond your imagination.

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