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Hitman x Family is a 31 Chapters novel by Livice, which has gotten more than 1.3 Million views on Webnovel. Read Hitman x Family summary and more below

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Hitman x Family Summary

Hitman x Family – A reincarnated man gets dealt a crappy hand—no cliche life like those harem protagonists after his rebirth. Instead, he dives into the grind of a treacherous world, clawing his pitiful ass to earn the notorious code name 001, a legend in the underworld.

Then things take an unexpected turn: out of the blue, his ex-girlfriend rings him up, revealing that he’s the father of twin four-year-olds and he needs to step up and take responsibility.

To protect his children, he has to shake off the grip of the organization that raised him. To do that, he’s got to pull off one last hit—the kicker being he needs to swipe some crucial wills and eliminate an innocent high school girl named Shinomiya Kaguya.

The issue? He’s got an ironclad rule against taking out innocents and doing his job as a dad.

So, how’s he gonna execute the mission while playing happy families with his newfound twin kids, and nailing the role of perfect daddy and husband?

Welcome to “Hitman x Family.”

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Hitman x Family (Webnovel)

Hitman x Family
Hitman x Family

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