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DC: New Krypton (Omniverse) is a 74 Chapters novel by Baph0met, which has gotten more than 1.2 Million views on Webnovel. Read DC: New Krypton (Omniverse) summary and more below

DC: New Krypton (Omniverse) Summary

DC: New Krypton (Omniverse) – A man, who had been reincarnated on Krypton as H’el, finally managed to leave it before its destruction. Unfortunately, he was exiled into the depths of space by his own foster father, Jor-El.

“Amidst the vast, lifeless, cold, and desolate void of deep space, where darkness persisted, even so, I have emerged victorious, Jor-El.”

I will find you, find your son, my foolish brother who holds the entire Kryptonian Legacy within him.

I will rebuild Krypton, unparalleled in history, the mightiest Krypton among all universes.

This is slowpace. The mc has the cheat of being able to travel universes, and he will use it to travel to different universes like Pacific Rim, etc.

Of course there’s a reason why he would do so. And the reason is for you to know. So read it and enjoy.

The mc is also chaotic evil, so if that’s not your cup of tea, then just don’t read and complain to me later on.

And also, you can expect an op mc, so there’s that.

The updates will be just the same as the other two, I’ll update everyday.

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DC: New Krypton (Omniverse) (Webnovel)

DC New Krypton (Omniverse)
DC New Krypton (Omniverse)

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