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Demonic Rising is a 80 Chapters Fantasy novel by Muche Godwin, which has gotten more than 160.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Demonic Rising summary and more below.

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Demonic Rising Summary

Kelvin Peterson was an average 17 year old high school student. But that all changed when Kelvin encountered a dreadful and tragic fate – A Demonic Possession.

But due to a set of circumstances, the possession didn’t exactly go as planned for the said demon. This left Kelvin with a vile and sinister demon residing within his consciousness.

With the threatening and foreshadowing evil caused by demons across the world, Kelvin must fight against his demonic tendencies, and survive the brutal hunt from demon hunters – a group of skilled warriors with mysterious divine powers.

Will Kelvin finally give in to his dark demonic impulses, or fight and stop the DEMONIC RISING.

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Demonic Rising (Webnovel)

Demonic Rising
Demonic Rising

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